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Thousand Arrows Manipulation Barrage
Name Thousand Arrows Manipulation Barrage
Other Jutsu

Thousand Arrows Manipulation Barrage' is an offensive jutsu made possible by using Transformation jutsu: arrow creation and is consider to be a D rank jutsu. This jutsu focuses on creating over weal-ming amounts of arrows in seconds. From the Arrow's shaft it opens several compartments. These compartments are prepared with summoning seals in them, which calls forth a large number of long arrows that rain down on anything within there range creating large a large area of effect. Anything within this area is crush by the shear over weal ming weight and amount of arrows. Each arrow from this skill can be made to hold a large number of paper bombs so to increase the damage to the area, if the paper bombs are to be added the first arrow created must also have paper bombs on it when its made by the Transformation jutsu: arrow creation.

Known Users Edit

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