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Tiger Trio
Tiger Brothers
Kanji 虎三人組
Romaji Tora Sanningumi
Leader(s) Hyōsube
Members Ikari
Team Jutsu Unknown

The Tiger Trio (虎三人組, Tora Sanningumi; in the English "Tiger Brothers") are the personal summons of Hyōsube and are fiercely loyal to Konohagakure. Ikari is the de-facto leader of the trio and the three have made a home in the Forest of Death - where they dwell among the shadows and feast on the other creatures that live within.


The fiercest and eldest of the Tiger Trio, Ikari has been raised to survive in the harshest wilds. His back and face are litered with scars, each marking a different time in his life where he protected Umai and Bushō from near-death situations. Ikari's skin is thick and his mind is dulled to the emotional affects that burden mankind. He does not sympathize with the causes of Hyōsube, nor does desire to help his summoner fulfill them in the slightest. Ikari does however trust Hyōsube with his life, for the shinobi saved the Tiger Trio in their most dire of situations many years ago. Since then, Ikari has been indebted to Hyōsube. 

Ikari has a strong taste for sake and demands a drink everytime Hyōsube summons him, despite the fact that a tiger should not be drinking sake. Ikari is blessed with the nature of Fire, capable of breathing fire and manipulating flames to his liking. For this, Hyōsube regards Ikari as the most fierce of the three, for fire is uncontrollable and wild.


The middle brother of the trio and the voice of reason among them - Umai is a learned individual who prefers to examine the world for what it's worth rather then for what he can get for it (as Ikari prefers to think). He is cunning and quick, epitomizing the mindset of an old sage with a want to share his knowledge.