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Tokino Hanamitsu
Name Tokino Hanamitsu
Kanji 花密ときの
Rōmaji Hanamitsu Tokino
Personal Status
Birthdate December 13
Age 20
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 5ft 5in
Weight 100 lbs
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Land of Rivers Symbol Land of Rivers
Affiliation Daystar Clinic
Previous Affiliation Tanigakure
Sesshougawa Symbol Seshōgawa Clan (Retainer)
Previous Occupation Retainer of the Sesshōgawa Clan
Team Death Dealers of Kura-ku
Partner Hitori Koyama
Previous Partner Ransō Sesshōgawa
Rank Genin Symbol Genin
Classification Missin-nin, Sensor
Ninja Registration 359746
Academy Grad. Age 12
Nature Type Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Jutsu Demonic Illusion: Bind in Chains
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Focus Distortion
Demonic Illusion: Oblivion Scribe
Five Elements Imperial Seal
Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Unseal
Master Key Technique
Mystical Palm Technique
Summoning Technique (Giant Vulture)
Soul Encampment Method
Soul Laceration
Temple of Nirvana Technique
Yūrei Summoning Technique
Weapons Paper Talisman
Tokino Hanamitsu (花密ときの, Hanamitsu Tokino) is a former retainer of the Sesshōgawa, a noble clan native to the Land of Rivers, who served under the clan's heir, Ransō. Before her employment as a vassal she was a genin of Tanigakure. After an incident revolving her capture and escape from the Land of Fire she has worked closely with the individuals of Katsuki's clinic, especially Hitori Koyama


Early Life and Academy DaysEdit

Tokino, whose parents were killed in a battle near Tanigakure, was raised from a young age by her grandmother just outside of village's borders. Unfortunately, due to a lack of income Tokino and her grandmother relied primarily on donations from the surrounding community in order to evade complete poverty. In turn Tokino saw that people possessed a great deal of potential for compassion, often leading her to help out in any way possible. Despite this, Tokino eventually desired to become help more than what was possible in her situation. Therefore, when she became of age, and against her grandmother's pleas, Tokino enrolled in Tanigakure's shinobi academy. By doing so she hoped to free her grandmother from a dependent role, as well as provide a necessary and valuable service by protecting others.

While in the academy Tokino had difficulty with most of the combat related education she received, though she appeared to possess unprecedented levels of chakra control. Due to this, and her keen intuition, Tokino took rather quickly to lessons on genjutsu, which no one else in class was able to accomplish at such an age.

During her progression through the academy Tokino's predicaments multiplied behind her back. Unbeknownst to the young kunoichi the neighbors, who had always helped support her grandmother, had begun to suffer from similar economic problems, leading several of them to move away. This, unfortunately, would soon put Tokino and her grandmother out of house and home. Unwilling to bring this issue to Tokino's attention her grandmother sought a loan from a less than reputable trade syndicate, who were believed to be tied to criminal activity. Tokino caught wind of this plan and quickly acted to put it to a halt. A boy by the name of Ransō, who was a year her senior, often flaunted the wealth and prestige of his clan, the Sesshōgawa. Furthermore, he would often invite girls to become his servants in order to live the good life. While resenting the idea of being attached to such an individual, Tokino decided it was better than allowing her grandmother to become indebted to criminals.

Approaching the head of the Sesshōgawa directly, Tokino pledged her absolute loyalty to them if they could alleviate her grandmother's situation. Not willing to pass up the opportunity to expand the clan's influence the Sesshōgawa agreed to Tokino's wishes, explaining that she would be removed from the standard shinobi forces once she graduated from the academy and placed under their direct command. In reality though, they just wanted a subject upon which to test a kinjutsu that had been recently rediscovered.

Retainer of the SesshōgawaEdit

After a bittersweet graduation from the shinobi academy Tokino was escorted to the Sesshōgawa's estate for her initiation as a subordinate to the clan. Despite this the elders of the clan determined her abilities to be lacking as a viable test subject, opting to place her under Ransō, who had just become a chūnin, as his personal attendant. Over the course of a three years Tokino served to aid her lord in the missions he was tasked with, until the time came when the Sesshōgawa approved of initiating the young woman as a subordinate of the clan.

During this highly ritualized process Tokino was tattooed with the Kaigan, an ancient kinjutsu granting the host incredibly high levels of extrasensory abilities. Additionally, incorporated within the Kaigan's seal was a Juinjutsu designed to prevent Tokino from ever acting or speaking directly against the Sesshōgawa. Unfortunately, an miscalculation of the combination of these seals resulted in Tokino's sight being permanently damaged.

Slowly acclimating to usage of the Kaigan instead of traditional sight Tokino became an indispensable asset to her lord, aiding in his various objectives. Due to the unrelenting loyalty she displayed for the clan Tokino was honored with the opportunity to study various techniques that the Sesshōgawa had acquired over the years. With this newly found knowledge she was able to advance beyond rudimentary genjutsu usage and sensory abilities, discovering talent in a variety of techniques requiring high levels of chakra control.

Prisoner of the FireEdit

During the several years of her servitude to the Sesshōgawa Tokino had been tasked to aid Ransō in the destruction of a variety of demonic entities. When the word of a similar threat near the border of the Land of Fire came to the pair once again it seemed like another routine extermination. During their mission both Ransō and Tokino crossed into the Land of Fire in order to eliminate their targets, inadvertently drawing the attention of the private guard of the Daimyō's court. Both Ransō and Tokino were ordered to yield in order to be taken in for questioning, but the young Sesshōgawa refused. In the resulting skirmish Ransō would have been captured had he not used Tokino as a distraction to escape.

Locked away by the Daimyō's court Tokino soon expected the Sesshōgawa to eliminate her, via her cursed seal, in order to prevent any information about their clan being leaked to the Land of Fire. Despite this, her execution didn't come and she was bombarded with countless days of questioning to which she couldn't respond, out of both loyalty and the control of the juinjutsu. Convinced that she wasn't of any use the court ordered her death by the hands of Hitori Koyama. Though, after seeing the extent of corruption wielded by her so called masters Hitori freed Tokino, and the two fled from the Land of Fire. Tokino, who initially considered returning to the Sesshōgawa, decided instead to follow Hitori, an individual who risked her life and future to free her.


Young Tokino

Tokino before receiving the Kaigan

Tokino is a young woman often noted for her surprisingly petite, and somewhat frail, appearance. Additionally, she is often clad in a what can only be described as a tribal raiment attributable to her former employment with the Sesshōgawa. More specifically Tokino usually wears a long dark brown skirt, which is adorned with various designs and ornaments, and a tan bikini styled top. Furthermore, as per her former association, she possesses intricate tattoos over various areas of her body and wears a head wrap, adorned with beads in a similar fashion to the rest of her outfit. Before she was fully inducted as a servant to the Sesshōgawa it was revealed that Tokino possesses pale blonde hair and brown eyes. After receiving the the Kaigan she had her hair cut short enough to comply with the necessity of a head wrap to cover her nearly blind eyes.


Tokino is characterized by the exemplar model of loyalty she regularly displays, leading her to make selfless decisions without question. More particularly, both Ransō and Hitori have been the primary recipients of Tokino's devotion, and to a lesser degree all of the associates of the Daystar Clinic. In contrast to her determined resolution when acting for other people, she doesn't possess the same resolution when acting for her own goals and ambitions. As such, she often comes off as quiet and submissive, behavior that was unfortunately reinforced during her service to the Sesshōgawa. Despite this, Tokino has recently been witnessed voicing her own opinion occasionally in the company of her comrades, though she maintains the same calm demeanor as always. Finally, Tokino has displayed potential romantic feelings for both Hitori and Ransō, likely associated with the deep loyalty that she possesses for both of them.


Tokino Stats 1

Tokino, despite her notable difficulty with most directly combative skills, is a highly talented individual capable of mastering techniques beyond the scope of most other people. As such she generally fulfills a support role in combat providing a variety of supplemental abilities that aid in the accomplishment of her team's objectives. Due to her long standing placement in complementary roles Tokino is able to quickly gauge the combat capabilities of all present parties in order to effectively assert the degree at which to intervene in battle. Therefore, it is clearly evident that her abilities are far beyond what would be expected of one possessing official shinobi rank.

Chakra ControlEdit

Tokino's most innate talent is derived from the incredibly impressive level of chakra control she possesses. Due to this a majority of her techniques focus around manipulating chakra with extreme precision, as opposed to the sheer amount of energy utilized. Furthermore, such abilities permit Tokino to minimize her stamina usage while still performing complex and powerful techniques. Therefore, her arsenal of skills revolve primarily around high difficultly, such as a illusory and sealing techniques.


A kinjutsu applied to Tokino as per her initiation into the Sesshōgawa Clan the Kaigan grants her potentially unparalleled extrasensory abilities at the cost of her own sight. This sensory skill allows her to feel and decode unfathomably complex array of chakra and natural forces interacting with one another around her. While the Kaigan first overwhelmed Tokino to the point of extreme mental exhaustion, countless hours of training allowed her to master this ability to the incredible degree than she can mentally visualize the world around her. Furthermore, she can easily gauge and analyze individuals and other constructs through their chakra.


From her early years in the academy Tokino has demonstrated both a practical and theoretical understanding of the illusory arts. More specifically, she possesses skill in a variety of genjutsu, thus permitting her to induce a myriad of effects upon her targets. From simple paralysis to delving into the subconscious of her opponents Tokino is nearly unrivaled in the field of illusions, easily enveloping her opponents under several layers of illusions. Had it not been for her involvement with the Sesshōgawa Tokino's abilities may have only developed in the illusory arts, as it was her primary fighting style for some time.


Due to her pristine chakra control Tokino has acquired the ability to perform several unique techniques over the years. While most of these are supportive in nature, such as the Mystical Palm Technique and the Soul Encampment Method, she has also bolstered her offensive abilities as well. Techniques particularly designed to counter chakra based entities, like Reien and Soul Laceration, have permitted her to adjust to a variety of threats.

Summoning TechniqueEdit

Possessing similar frequency of usage to her illusory mastery, Tokino's performance of the Summoning Technique as a combat style is well honed. Particularly she utilizes a Yin-Yang variant of the aforementioned technique to conjure and animate various ghostly entities to fight in her stead. Most commonly she summons semi-ethereal swordsman for combat performance, while relying on the basic summoning technique to call forth a giant vulture for transportation and tactical positioning.


While only beginning to dabble in the field of sealing techniques Tokino's skill with chakra control has proven to be indispensable when it comes to fūinjutsu performance. It is due to this ability that she has developed an advanced version of the Five Elements Seal that can be applied to a greater degree of scenarios and provides a much stronger binding potential.


Birth of the Death DealersEdit

Main Article: Birth of the Death Dealers

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