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Tongue of the Beasts
Name Tongue of the Beasts
Kanji 野獣の方言
Other Jutsu

The Tongue of the Beasts is the Kekkei Genkai of the Natoro Clan which enables every member to communicate with any beast of any species either mentally or verbally. While it is possible to establish a mental link with animals to communicate silently using the Tongue, either a close bond must exist or the animal must initiate the communication and due to this every clan member forms a close bond with their "animal of preference" in order to make mental communication possible.

By using the Tongue members of the Natoro are able to communicate amongst each other using the language of a beast of their choosing to prevent their communications from being understood by those outside the clan. In cases where a close bond exists between a Natoro and a non-Natoro they may communicate mentally, due to humans being a variety of beast. By extension the Natoro are able to understand any spoken language from a human, making it impossible to relay messages verbally around them without their receiving the message as well.

In members of the Natoro who have not mastered the Tongue it tends to manifest itself as a curse rather than a gift, driving them insane from the constant voices of animals around them and making it impossible for them to lead any life. Those unfortunate enough to travel down this path are eventually driven to one of two extremes: suicide or the shattering of their sanity. A Natoro who has mastered the gift is able to "tune out" the voices of the beings around them, enabling them to live unhindered.

While the Tongue of Beasts has many uses that range from spying to battle applications, by far the most beneficial of all the uses is allowing the bearer to make use of the Hiden Technique of the Natoro: Essence of the Beasts.

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