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Transformation Technique: Arrow Creation
Name Transformation Technique: Arrow Creation
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Transformation Technique: Arrow Creation is an Supplementary jutsu made possible by Transformation Technique: Arrow Creation advance training to master Archery and is consider to be a C rank jutsu. This jutsu focuses on making the perfect arrow for the perfect situation. By placing a 3 foot family special seal on any solid object like wood, soil, and ice the user can focus there chakra into that seal and force anything within that 3 foot seal to take the shape of a arrow with any type of modification on it so to allow for more damage or longer range, making the perfect arrow for the user to hit his mark. The arrows can also be attach to chakra threads and be moved in mid flight so to allow for it to move around obstacles or even avoid attacks.

kanji can be added to the creation of the arrow by removing the tip of the arrow when forming the arrow each kanji can make a new and more unique effect. Only a single kanji can be used at a time but if multiple arrows are used and then reformed into a single arrow along with there own kanji the new arrow can have all the kanji building a much more powerful and destructive effect once used.

  • 岩 (iwa, rock), This character allows the user to immobilize targets.
  • 爆 (baku, explode), This character causes several explosions or a large single explosion similar to a paper bomb explosion.
  • 炎 (en, flames), This character creates a large wall of fire to keep enemies away or it can send out a torrent of flames at a single target in the arrows path.
  • 斬 (zan), which comes from the verb 斬る (kiru), meaning to kill with a blade. This character creates several large bladed weapons out of the wind all around the arrow.
  • 割 (katsu, split), This character causes the ground underneath the target to split open or if the arrow hits a jutsu it can split the jutsu open.
  • ま (time, space, ma), This character allows the user to transport himself to another location in the blink of an eye or form a barrier that will teleport away or trap incoming attacks directed at it inside a dimensional void.

Known Users Edit

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