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Transmigration Reversal Technique
Name Transmigration Reversal Technique
Kanji 輪廻で逆転
Literal English Transmigration Reversal
Classification Supplementary
Rank None
Range All Ranges
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seal
Other Jutsu

This technique is unique to Zen Uzumaki and him alone as it re-acts to his mysterious dojutsu. The ability revolves around a certain theory are soul transmigration. There's a belief in the ninja world that the soul continues to live on after death in the pure world (浄土, jōdo), which is evident in the jutsu Summoning:Impure World Resurrection. It goes on to say that the transmigration emphasizes the continuity of the soul itself. Worldly existence is a stage oftransition from past events to future lives. Life is a continuous cycle and birth and death are simply landmarks. When birth or death takes place, it's mearly a shift in the ninja's position. The soul discards the damaged bodies and assume new forms. Shamans have an acute sense to the supernatural and to some extent can control this cycle by calling back spirits to the "Edo" (穢土; "Dirty Soil") world to do their bidding, albeit only for a limited-time. When Zen learned that Tobirama created the blasphemeous technique that defiles the transmigration, he had sought him out to teach this technique to him. When he finally learned the technique, he created this certain technique. It took years if research and development with lots of trial and error but finally succeded in the end. The former shaman leader said that this technique is the very epitome of shamanism but when zen first used this technique he used it to decimate all foreign enemies. From then on the current leader says that this is a kinjutsu of the highest caliber.

How it WorksEdit



  • This technique is based off of hindu theory about re-incarnation.
  • This is my most powerful jutsu that i've created as of now.

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