Tsuyu Terumī

—(Laughs) You're all shook up, aren't you baby?

Tsuyu Terumī (照美つゆ, Terumī Tsuyu) is the daughter of both Kishi Harou, the former leader of the Hunter-Nin faction and Mei Terumī the Fifth Mizukage. As the child of both one of the most skilled and powerful leaders within the Hidden Mist Village, Tsuyu has accomplished quite a reputation of her own as a kunoichi, attaining the moniker Siren (傾城, Keisei) for her extensive flexibility and capabilities pertaining to the expansive arsenal of shinobi techniques with a variety of applications and the menacing nature her fighting tactics, truly proving her to be very dangerous opponent. Her recognition that eventually extend outside of her own hometown and throughout the shinobi world, an incredible feat for a woman of her age.



雨中漫步 Walking in the rainEdit


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