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Swallow Reversal
Name Swallow Reversal
Kanji 燕返し
Other Turning Swallow Cut
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
Swallow Reversal (燕返し, Tsubame Gaeshi), more commonly referred to as the Turning Swallow Cut, is an advanced kenjutsu maneuver employed by Nōsei no Mikoto, which he learned during his swordsmanship education. Attributed to a samurai from the Land of Iron this technique is traditionally performed by executing a devilishly swift strike downward before cutting upward with the same ferocity. When utilized to its fullest extent even dōjutsu enhancing visual clarity of movement will have difficult tracking the strikes. As such, it is possible that victims and/or observers of the Turning Swallow Cut will not notice both or even one of the strikes performed. Correlating to the speed of the strikes is the sheer potency of a blade when swung at such a speed, easily cleaving through armor with even the most basic of swords. Therefore, this technique can be quite lethal if used accurately upon an opponent.

In addition to its traditional usage Nōsei has developed a modification of this technique by beginning with a upward slash, before following up with the downward strike. Particularly, Nōsei seems to be more inclined to use his variation of the Turning Swallow Cut, through which his strikes are discernible by the most seasoned of individuals. Furthermore, he's able to initiate the technique from a relaxed stance, with his sword lowered to his side. Such a performance can easily catch enemies off guard, or slice though a projectile in midair.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

  • This skills's methodology and name are derived from Sasaki Kojirō's technique of the same name.

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