The day was hazy. The dreadful nights of Kirigakure were great. Many years ago, the rapid decline of the economy forced the once prominent country into a slum. Deaths, thefts all occured in the bright of the day and with no truly efficient or long-lasting system of laws in Kirigakure the criminals had nothing to fear. However, now they had taken things much farther. From the depths of Kirigakure most disrespectful, treacherous criminals one had been so deceiving that he had been able to infiltrate the most esteemed Mizukage...

Diginifed, a posh looking woman concealed in the shadows of her room. The Mizukage's hair was long and gentle, her figure tall and slim. Her fingers gracefully ran across the desk as her calm gaze darted at the paper before her. "Well gentlemen. I have selected you, personally. Of course, for my own reason, nevertheless your abilities make you best suitable for the mission ahead of you." Her tone was sweet, almost angelic and she spoke with honed pronunciation. "One of my most trusted guards was seen entering my room, and leaving minutes later with..uhm...extremely important documents about Kirigakure. The documents are classifed and are not meant for eyes other then mine, and in addition we are somewhat drowned in missions lately.." pausing briefly, she walked to the window beside her, and began staring out at Kirigakure with steady eyes. "Our men have been dwindling to defend our country, hence the child, and for this reason it is extremely dire that this mission ends in success even if a child is working alongside you."

Koga Kuramoto stared at the beautiful, respectful and powerful woman before him with gleaming, wide eyes. Finally, he had been selected to work alongside the higher-ups of Kirigakure. It was a dream come true for the young Chuunin and he refused to fail. "I won't let you down, Miss Mizukage!" he said before bowing to the Mizukage. The Mizukage proceded to give a few Jounin papers on the location of the target, before dismissing them.

The eight ninja feet sprung up as they danced on the surface of the water, searching for the target in question. The seven Jounin all have much experience and didn't care that they worked alongside a Chuunin, however to Koga he had to prove himself. He wouldn't let the name of Kirigakure fall. Heading on, Koga increased his pace as he dashed toward a bridge ahead. And quickly landing atop the bridge, he looked toward the forest ahead of him, his face impassive as he remembered how truly dire this mission was to the safety of both the Mizukage, and all of Kirigakure.

In the Land of Fire...


That simple yet powerful word had - recently - become Sannotō's favourite; his life was always being complicated by missions for Oniwabanshū to complete for the greater good of the world. This day was no different. After reading the single piece of parchment that had been left on his desk this morning, Sannotō already knew he'd have to take this mission solo. Opening the canister strapped to his back, the blonde-haired man allowed a doormat-sized cloud to travel out of the canister. Stepping onto the cloud, it immediately took off in the direction of the Land of Water; hopefully the team assigned by the mizukage hadn't gotten that far from Kirigakure.

Leading the pack, Koga darted forward with his eyes wide open, both to observe the landscape for anything unusual but to also stay completely aware, as the enemy was known for there elaborate ambushes. Stopping instinctively, Koga ears twitched about before his head flew upward. "..the hell." he murmered before the other seven Jounin stopped beside him, and like Koga, they all looked at the man cloud flying overhead! "Is that even possible?" Koga inquired with a squeaky voice. His suprise at seeing this outstanding jutsu was evident.

"Yes, there are many jutsu out there, Koga. But that isn't where are mission is. He could be a possible threat." One of the Jounin said, and with a level-head he calmly analyzed the way in which the man atop the cloud flew.

Smiling forth, Koga cheefully dashed toward a tree and began climbing up the tree with ease. Bearing a welcoming face, he sat perched atop the branch of the towering tree, "if he is a threat why would he face seven Jounin." he explained. "And a person with jutsu like this must be on the "good" side, as most of the "bad" guys have some stupid, astronimically powerful ability." he inferred with somewhat of a childs mentality, referring to the past war fought in this same land.

"Hello, stranger. Nice jutsu you got there." Koga said to the blonde man. However, with no way to explain that he was on a vital mission at the time, - because he had very little experience on high-level missions- Koga continued babbling on with random compliments and small-talk, which was quickly annoying the Jounin below.

"What the... ?" Sannotō thought to himself as the ebony-coloured man began to speak with him.

Deciding to descend, the blonde slowly made his way towards the boy that had caught his attention in the first place. As he neared, he noticed a small group of shinobi below the boy, instantly causing a connection to be made in the jōnin's mind: they're the group he was looking for. With his mind now at ease, he silently gestured to the group, hoping they didn't believe him to be a threat.

"Hello, my fellow shinobi." Sannotō began. "I am Sannotō Uzumaki; I was assigned to help a group of jōnin to capture someone from Kirigakure. This is that group, correct?" he asked, trying to be as polite as he knew how - being polite wasn't exactly the Uzumaki clansman's forte...

"Yes!" The child said, descending down from the top of the tree with a magnificent fall, as he would call it. Landing on the ground beside his irritated teammates he gave each one of them a child-like face before apologizing. "My apologies guys." he murmered, before nodding toward Sannotō's question. Stepping forth, one of the more experienced Jounin reached out to shake hands with him. "Yes we are that team.Your assistance would be delightful." the man said with a smile, acting as the mature, capable man of the team. Suddenly, Koga broke the peaceful silence with his stammering of words, all in a fruitless attempt to apologize to his team. It was evident that he was trying to hard to show he belonged on a high-level team. With a member placing his hand on Koga's shoulder to shut him up, the supposed leader continued his respectful gaze at Sannotō before speaking. "I can tell that by the one you hold yourself that your strong enough to fight with the best. Thats good because your addition could really make a difference." he said sincerly, "..but we truly must be on our way, so that the trail doesn't become cold. Heaven forebid we come back empty-handed to the Mizukage."

Smiling towards his new companions, Sannotō's face was instantly devoid of any emotion - his mind racing back to the task at hand. "Well, seeing as the culprit obtained the documents almost three hours ago, I suggest we split up into three groups of two and one with a third member. I shall take this hyperactive child with me, since he seems more like a burden to you seven than anything else. The rest of you may split up accordingly." the blonde said as he grabbed the dark-skinned boy and leapt into the trees at a brisk pace.

Before his usual swift remark could be made, Koga was quickly taken off in the forest ahead whilst his team split up to face the task at hand. Nudging him to release him, Koga brow was plastered above as he closely studied his companion. "...burden, eh? Well if the Mizukage thought I was powerful enough to be here then I guess I'm not a burden, huh, Sannotō?" he inquired with slight sarcasm in his tone. Struggling about, he managed to break Sannotō's grip before keeping up with the shinobi as they both trotted through the forest's canopy at the same pace.

The Sannotō from before was seemingly gone. "What the hell is your name, kid? After you tell me, I can answer your pointless question." he demanded, with no hint of sweetness in his voice.

A single bead of sweat rolled down Koga's forehead, Sannotō tone was intimidating enough, he thought. "Kuramoto Koga."

"Well, Koga, from just the feel of your chakra, I can truthfully say that you fall in the category of an upper-tier chūnin; even that tailed beast chakra doesn't make much of a difference. To think that Mei would put you on this squad is evidence enough that she is desperate to get these scrolls back. Of course, why wouldn't she? They contain information you can't even imagine. Just because you're on a team on jōnin doesn't mean shit." the blonde-haired man said. He wasn't a children type of person - no matter if that child was almost an adult.

"You sure do know how to piss a guy off, dontcha' Sannotō" he said, curving his lip to form a grimace, a sinister thought edged its way into Koga's mind. "The Mizukage is a great, powerful woman, and so am I. You must be one damn fool to not notice that by now!" he declared, conflicting to what Sannotō spoke. All the while, he stared into the eyes of the blonde man and his body tensed up as he spoke.

"It's my specialty, dumbass." the Uzumaki man said, a chuckle hidden in his voice.

His voice rose and his tone as deep, and serious as a seventeen year old boy could make it. It was clear that what he said was sincere, yet laced in sarcasm. "..yea, I'm a dumbass alright!" Koga, so angry at the man that he wanted to slap him silly for his arrogant remarks and disrespectful words about Mei and himself. Without any hesitation, he preformed the neccessary handsigns to formseveral clones of water beside him. What seemed to be about eight clones, they all trotted until they were an equal distance from each other, around the Uzumaki clansman. Just then, six of the eight clones darted toward the Uzumaki, but that wasn't the end; forming a set of quick handsigns, Koga ended by slapping his hands together, as that occured the clones hardened into ice, and every crevice, edge and curve of Koga's clones had been sharpened. "Kokunagare."

Without a word, Sannotō unsheathed his blade - Tensei - and spun around, bifurcating the six ice clones that had began to charge towards the blonde-haired man. "You're pathetic, brat." the man snorted. Knowing which of the remaining two was the clone, Sannotō shot a yellow-coloured blast of chakra towards the clone of ice, wondering if the clone would be destroyed or not.

As the clone bursted beside him, Koga remained impassive as he watched Sannotō exert himself. "Only a REAL dumbass would sit here and act so arrogant while he is overexerting himself so much to defeat simple clones" he rebuked, mocking the Uzumaki's tone. The shards of ice that lay around the ground were still of use to Koga, and by that fact alone he had the upper hand. " your insults, I can tell that this mission won't be finished for awhile. Sorry, Mizukaga-sama, but this idiot needs to be taught a lesson. And I'll be happy to teach ya'." Without a second wasted, Koga and his frozen passion determination noted the sword in his opponents hand. Surely, because of it his reach was increased and it would be too dangerous to fight up close. Jumping back onto a branch, Koga sucked in air and at the same time formed the handsigns for Water Release: Gunshot. And in no time at all, the condensed ball of water fired out. "I'll beat the idiocy and disrespect outta' this bastard" he thought.

"Good luck with that one, twerp. What can an average-level chūnin do to a high-level jōnin, hm? Nothing; that's what." the Uzumaki clansman spat. This kid, he was irritating - beyond belief! He'd just have to teach him a lesson, just as the young asshole said he'd do to him. Smirking, Sannotō summoned a towering wall of water, easily blocking the blast of water the Kuramoto boy had sent from his gullet. Once the water wall fell to his feet, the blonde-haired man spoke. "Did you honestly believe that such a puny attack would even phase me? You've got a lot to learn, kid." he said as he re-sheathed his blade. "You're not worthy of Tensei." Sannotō remarked, a smirk still present upon his face.

Koga couldn't help but laugh. The sheer arrogance of the Uzumaki before him was unimaginable. "You've gotta be joking. Ranks don't mean shit in the real world, its just labels that people put on ya' to make assholes like you feel special. And, don't act so high and mighty, I haven't even begun and your sitting her unleashing unneccesary amounts of chakra to dodge my attacks. How can I not be worthy of Tensei, when its master isn't even worthy in the first place." he repled with a similar smirk plastered on his face. "Besides, the more water present, makes a water specialist like me even better; a bad play on your part, Sannotō!"

"Heh, what a moron."

Simply smirking, Sannotō gathered the dispersed water on the ground and brought it to his hand, creating a fist-sized sphere of highly-pressurized water in the palm of his hand. "Ya see, idiot, I'm no worse a water ninjutsu user than you, or anyone in Kirigakure. In fact, I'm probably more adept at using water as a base for my jutsu. And what are you talking about? "Unnecessary chakra?" Hah, don't make me laugh. My reserves are much larger than the majority of the ninja world; my chakra levels can sometimes contend with jinchūricki. If anything, the chakra I'm using is merely extra. Sorry, but I have you outmatched in almost every possible way." the blonde Uzumaki stated, his ego getting a bit ahead of himself. As he waited to gauge his opponent's response, Sannotō kept the ball of condensed water in his hand, in case it became more useful in a few moments.

"Words are meaningless. Show me!" he stated, blatantly showing his urge to battle. Manipulating the water beneath him, Koga commanded into a bullet like shape. However, it didn't strike yet, instead it flew into the sky and sped up its rotation. Just then, the water split off into seperate smaller rotating bullets of water. "Go!!" he shouted, and as he did, the three water bullets dropped down to Sannotō. "There's not enough water here." he murmered, noticing how small his attacks were. Before the Uzumaki had the time to strike back, Koga darted toward him with amazing speed, and once within striking distance, he cocked his arm back. "This is over!" Just then, his forearm was encircled in water and he threw his forearm at the Uzumaki in a chopping motion.

But Sannotō was nowhere to be seen.

"Sorry, but I'm not one to be taken down by a hot-headed child." the Uzumaki's voice echoed throughout the forest, making it seemingly impossible to identify his location. "Please, think rationally before you attack; if you don't, I'll just leave you here to waste away will I search for the enemy." he said, hoping his words or wisdom would get through the chūnin's thick skull.

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