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Upshift Two
Name Upshift Two
Classification Supplementary
Rank C
Range Short
Other Jutsu

The user focuses a constant stream of Lightning Nature chakra around their feet and body, drastically increasing the user's speed to the point that even the trained eye of a Sharingan user will have difficulty in tracking their movements but at the cost of the user only being able to turn at 90 degree angles. This technique functions similarly to that of the Water Walking technique in that it requires a constant stream of chakra from the user's feet, but unlike it's predecessor it will leave imprints in the ground in the form of straight lines seemingly dug into the surface due to the high speeds the user travels at. The amount of chakra needed for this technique is negligible and due to this is may be maintained for sustained periods of time, but the higher speeds that the user travels at causes increased rates of fatigue making it unwise to use it for extremely drawn out periods of time.

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