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Hi, welcome to Naruto Fanon Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Chrono Nexus page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Jet'ika (Talk) 20:17, September 29, 2011

CHRONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just wondering, could you explain Kurenai's Hiden in more detail, now that I'm awake? The Persona Itself (Let's talk~) 04:13, October 1, 2011 (UTC)


You seem to be very confrontational so Im going to simply say this..... You win, This is the final kick in the pants for me, I simply give up writing fanon/fan fiction outside of my own works (which is simpler than following a series.) You didnt have to point fingers to see who you were directing your comments at, you could have just simply said "your articles are sub-par and badly written" That would have been better than that long paragraph belittling me when I only stated my opinion. Simply put you dont have to worry about reading my "mediocre" articles, dont bother writing back, i simply wont care either way.--The Doctor (Appointments) 02:58, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Chrono, 'bout the Seven Swordsman... Edit

I was wondering, I'd love to apply Ayano to the Seven Swordsman of the Mist- she was a member before Zar dissapeared. Of course, I'll keep working on her, but do you think she'd make a good addition based upon your first look at her? The Persona Itself (Come at me, bro~) 03:23, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Seven Swordsman Edit

Can you log into Chatango? Sadow-sama 03:33, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

You online? Sadow-sama 22:04, December 7, 2011 (UTC)

The Forsaken Edit

Dunno if you're still waiting to see the update but Kyūketsuki Krisent is up and only lacking his weapons and technique pages along with his skill chart but the actual body of the character is up. The version that is up at the moment is most likely the final although I may make a few small revisions and "finishing touches". --Keyboard Kitty Shiro (Bark like a Kitty) Keyboard Kitty 21:02, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

Kyūketsuki Edit

I'll simply reply to the review left on his talk page here if you don't mind as I am not sure if you're watching the page itself. I'll answer in the same format for simplicity.

Theme Song: I never actually thought of using a link to the song along with the actual name, that would be a nice way to ensure they get the reference. But at the same time, if someone really wanted to get the song they would do so themselves (at least that's the way I operate).

Background: With this I'll focus mostly on the stated "mastery" of the two specific martial arts and his skill at a young age, starting with the latter.

  • Prodigal Skill: Regarding his young proficiency conveying that he was able to compete with seasoned warriors was by no means my intention and I feel that it would be impossible for him to do so due to the unavoidable small stature, lack of physical strength, and various other factors such as experience and strategy. The line stating that he was a worthy opponent was simply meant to point out his skill at such a young age in that he is able to be considered an opponent and that he is able to wield a sword and a lance in addition to some skill in a martial art at age five, no mastery at that age was stated. Now in regards to one's physical ability at five, that is up for debate due to both different cultures raising/handling their children differently along with different levels of maturity and ability found in children at any age, for example a 5 year old cousin of mine reads on a 4th grade level as opposed to the kindergarten level she is "expected" to be at. This feat is due to her constantly being read to, taught the alphabet at 1 1/2, and being able to actually read words off of cards as well as form understandable sentences with concepts such as wants, needs, and understanding the concept of time (although she used to say "last morning" as opposed to yesterday, but this simply goes to show that she understood the concept of "last" in regards to time and was able to successfully combine two words to make up for her not knowing the actual word). So by the age of five, yes she could easily read at a 4th grade level and is able to "run without falling over" on a very consistent basis. In a non-personal example, Samuel Sevian was 9 when he became the youngest U.S. "chess master". It simply goes to show that one can be highly skilled in any area if they are constantly exposed to and instructed in that field from a very young age, this is explicitly stated in his background "Raised as a warrior, Kyūketsuki endured constant training sessions from a young age..." So it can be safely said that it is very possible for Kyūketsuki to possess the stated amount of skill at age 5, as I do not state that he is able to best seasoned warriors I simply state that he is a worthy opponent who's skill is drastically undermined by "his lack of physical strength and small stature."
  • Mastery: The concept of Mastery itself is up for debate but I will not go into that here. I will simply state my perception of Mastery: Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment, meaning that while one may not be able to know everything regarding a subject they can have near complete knowledge. This is backed by the Merriam-Webster definition of Mastery: "possession or display of great skill or technique" along with "skill or knowledge that makes one master of a subject". In regards to a Martial Art anyone is able to achieve this through a combination of "hardwork" and competence/skill, in Kyūketsuki's case he lived with the man he found to teach him for a period of five years and as such lived, slept, ate, and breathed this specific Art. I do agree with you however on the basis that it is nearly impossible for one to know everything as any useful Art should be constantly evolving as it changes with each specific user, the ability to take the groundwork laid by "mastery" of any martial art and use it to further refine/shape the art to better work for your specific style is what denotes the position of master in my eyes. Regarding the "specific" period of time that it took to master the art this is meant to be an "average time taken to do so" kind of thing and is stated as being just that "Kyūketsuki was warned that the convoluted Art took, on average, a total of forty-eight years to master". Now in regards to your statement dealing with puberty, while it is true that the body changes during this period the rate of change differs from person to person along with the actual time that puberty occurred is also different from person to person. Who's to say that he didn't go through puberty while he was being trained, steadily taking in the changes brought on by this in stride and simply changing along with them while he was in the environment to do so or even that puberty hit him at age 7 once he actually began the training, therefor giving him five years to get used to it? Even disregarding that argument, if one were to know their body (knowledge that is necessary to honestly possess any skill in any martial art) they would be able to quickly adapt to the changes during training sessions as they become used to their extended reach and other changes brought on by puberty. While most males go through this between 9 and 14, there are always outliers in any sample that regards an entire population which simply shows that it is plausible for him to have gone through puberty at an age younger than that of the average male.

Appearance: Regarding his lack of blemishes and scars, this can be attributed to skilled healers, different healing rates, or any other number of factors. If we were to look at other skilled nin in the actual series the Legendary Sannin themselves bear no scars and in truth very few in the series actually do. While I agree with you in a real world setting, this is in reference to the series where it is shown time and time again that a highly skilled nin is able to be unmarred in their appearance. This does not say that he has never been harmed, simply that he bears no scars. In regards to the question about organization, I don't really have any specific organization when it comes to my articles and I tend to write the characters background before anything else and form their personality based on what they've gone through and those they were around.

Personality: With the word choice, I see that just as a writer's preference for one word or another. Tactics are defined as "An action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end." which makes it synonymous with strategy. Some will see it one way and others will see it another.

Abilities: The links that are in this section will be to the pages once I get the time to create them as will the weapons links and the separate pages for his bladestyles and Martial Arts. I personally prefer to separate such things in order to avoid the page itself being cluttered. This will be bulleted again for convenience.

  • Chakra Stores and Stamina: Above average is just that, above average. This gives him a notable presence in regards to sensors and others able to detect chakra but I understand what you're saying and I'll list it as slightly above the average Jounin. With cycling his chakra this is not in regards to the Chakra Network but to running his chakra through his physical body to reduce muscle fatigue and thereby reducing stamina loss, when I say "his chakra" I mean chakra originating from his own body along with that of his opponent's once it falls under his control.
  • Physical Traits: With the Sharingan that was a typo that went unnoticed, I meant to place "Sharingan-like dojutsu" there instead to refer to any dojutsu that gives the bearer the ability to track fast moving objects. And with moving from point to point this is linear only if it travels straight to one's destination, in his case he does not go directly from A to B but rather from A to C to D to E to F to B. This is essentially the same thing that you said and I'll change it to that in order to prevent any confusion.

Starting with your reply on my talk page, no my definition of mastery does not imply that one with only book knowledge is a master. If you would read the entire definition, both my own and the Merriam-Webster definition clearly state that actual skill is needed "Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment" "possession or display of great skill or technique". By both definitions one who is unable to even perform the art is not a master by any means nor can they be considered to even be a practitioner, so I'll have to ask you to refrain from taking anymore from what I say than what is explicitly stated. In regards to body size, that argument is null and void when you look at the drastic size difference that may be present between women and men practitioners. There are plenty of martial arts, in fact an entire classification of martial arts, that involves redirecting an opponent's momentum and using it against them. To make use of these variations of martial arts, one does not need to be the same size as their opponent and a notable example would be Judo (literally Gentle Way) which places emphasis on skill\technique and timing rather than size and brute strength, teaching to give way instead of using force to best one's opponent. In regards to your "dismissal" of the puberty statement, regardless of what you say statistics dictate that there are always outliers and extreme values when observed values deal with an entire population. It is plausible but improbable, so while it may not be likely it does happen and will continue to happen. So you're own dismissal of the idea lacks realism in the sense that you seem to refuse to believe that there are those who do not fall within the "expected" values. But going back to the previous bulleted list.

  • Dominance of the Heir: As you said I have not yet ported the article and the article existing on old NF is mostly a draft. Nevertheless I can give answers to the questions/statements posted on his talk page. While it does require that he have access to his senses it does not require him to be aware of his surroundings nor does it require that he have access to all of his senses, the ability to detect/sense chakra is not included in one's physical senses and is truly a necessity in manipulating it unless one is only going to manipulate visible constructs of chakra. In regards to sufficient focus as this is in essence a genetic mutation, as are all Kekkei Genkai, it has been present throughout his entire life. With anything one has possessed from conception "focus" is not always needed as it will typically become "natural" to do so, this same concept exists in the "real world" with those who possess these mutations (or defects in some cases) such as the extraordinary young man who is blind/has no eyes yet uses echolocation to be aware of his surroundings. While this is not the same thing it can be considered to be equally complicated as very few/no other humans are able to do this feat, yet he naturally does so. Such focus would only be needed in attempting to manipulate large volumes of chakra at once in Kyūketsuki's case or moving extremely fast in the young man's case. I agree with the other things that you stated with the exception of a seal, my not having access to my own chakra has nothing to do with me manipulating yours. Range, scale, and the explanation as to why it he doesn't have access jutsu will be explained on the actual page.
  • Taijutsu: Each art will be given its own separate page so as to be able to sufficiently explain each without having to clutter his page.
  • Kenjutsu: Same as with Taijutsu, each style will be given its own page.
  • Ninjutsu and Genjutsu: The copy ability stems from his Kekkei and a variation of it present in Kyūketsuki, he is able to visualize and otherwise sense chakra due to this. In regards to the neural messages this is a remnant from the original character as Kyūketsuki is a version of a character that I used in open universe RP's and this is how he goes about copying other techniques as he has control over energy as opposed to chakra and all a neural message or any other communication using the nervous system is is a simple pulse of electricity, in other words energy. But this doesn't really translate well into the Naruto world so I'll likely do away with the copy technique or further revise it to be more like the one you described, analyzing the composition of the technique and other factors needed to compose the technique along with visualizing the opponent's chakra flow during. But I'll likely do as you suggested and remove this along with the bloodline restriction.
  • Swordsmaster: You are correct in the sense that it was not the message I intended to convey, the collection of swords and blades are there because he loves to collect weapons of any sort. It is his skill as a Swordsmaster that allows him to wield this blades with skill, not the collection themselves. I meant to show that his skill combined with his collection of swords, through constantly trying to use them, has resulted in him being skilled with nearly any blade that he wields. This section will likely be rewritten.
  • Swordsman's Eye and Flawless Draw: Thanks
  • Blade Reading: Contains a typo, should read "this skill is arguably the most useful when in engaged in combat with another swordsman or wielder of any bladed weapon, allowing them to effectively defend against and/or destroy any blade they encounter." While the information such as the length of an opponent's blade may seem "trivial" it can prove invaluable when attempting to counter or avoid an attack, using the length of the blade to determine the amount of movement that is necessary to completely avoid the attack or even determine the effective range of a weapon as the longer blades as essentially useless at close (fist fight) range.
  • Weapons: Will do. Staples such as Kunai, shuriken, and smokebombs will be included but really nothing beyond that as he does not focus on the usage of poisons and other such things.
  • Other: He rarely uses force to get his way in truth he is analytical and competent in conversation he simply lacks the social etiquette that others possess, meaning that he will curtail the social graces and small talk instead preferring to cut straight to the point. As such he isn't exactly antisocial, it is more of a dry, analytical variation of conversation in most cases. In regards to leadership and things such as this, a strict leadership role is not in place as The Forsaken work on an independent basis and are free to do as they please within a set of restrictions/rules. And I'm curious to know what made you believe that he would be one to micromanage, I don't see it but that may be because I created the character myself. In regards to ruling by power I see that to be the same as ruling by fear, the destruction of the ruler is inevitable. His "rule" is cemented by the mutual goals of the collective members along with his skill at providing for their needs. In reference to the hierarchy of the group itself circumvents the need for the strict leadership, each member would have to be able to lead themselves while adhering to the group policies/rules and knowing that they drop what they are doing when the group moves as one. Anything outside of this compliance will likely be treated as defection and result in death and replacement. But I do see alot of the points you've presented and will take them into account as he is in essence skilled in small areas but he is able to dominate in these specific areas while his fighting style is designed to force opponents to fall within his own play zone.

All in all, thanks for the review.

I'm fine here, really. Per and I rarely do Naruto, but when we do it, we're happier with what we can do here, where we have a bit more freedom to do what we want. Also, one of my characters uses the Sharingan, another will, at some point, develop the Rinnegan, and I'm not interested in getting a shitton of flak for that. And, "more opportunities to roleplay" is the wrong thing to bait me with, aside from Per and Hana, I don't intend to really write with anyone else. Sorry Chrono, but I'm comfortable right here on this semi-dead wiki.--The Eleventh Doctor (Trust me. I'm the Doctor.) 18:01, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

I'd use this wiki even if Per and I were the only remaining users, purely for the freedom it allows--The Eleventh Doctor (Trust me. I'm the Doctor.) 18:03, May 25, 2013 (UTC)


No worries, I've made my way to NF. Absolutely no one was editing here to begin with. Though I won't be bringing over any of my characters, I figured it would be better to start from scratch. Junior Lives Forever (Talk To Me) 18:32, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

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May I ask why you banned me?

I just entered chat, and you suddenly banned me for no reason whatsoever.

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