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Void Chakra
Void Release
Void Release3
Name Void Chakra
Void Release
Kanji 空チャクラ
Literal English Sky Chakra
Sky Release
Range All Ranges
Other Jutsu

Void Chakra (空チャクラ, Kū chakura) is an extremely rare and powerful form of chakra that is only known to the Ryuusei Clan. Void Chakra allows the user to perform the Void Release, which allows the user to utilize the element of nothingness. This is usually harnessed by manifesting emptiness in air spaces and other spaces of matter. The Void Release has a sort of "reverse-reality warping" property, instead of being able to bend reality, it destroys reality-bending techniques, making it a perfect counter to Izanagi. In addition, it provides a decent offense. This type of chakra was highly sought-after, to the point that the Ryuusei Clan had to endure centuries of attempted attacks, which all had the purpose of stealing the Void Chakra from clansmen. Eventually, a rival clan succeeded, hiring Miroku Kuujou as the leader of the attack, devastating the entire clan and leaving Kaede Ryuusei the only remaining user of Void Chakra in existence.

List of Void Release JutsuEdit


  • Void Release is representative of the fifth element of the Japanese Godai, Kū or Sora, which can translate as "Void," "Sky," or "Heaven" and is invoked in everyday life to connect the creative energy of the world, which is somewhat explanatory as to way several Void Release jutsu have a pulling effect.
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