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Water Release: Beheading Lion Grappling
Name Water Release: Beheading Lion Grappling
Kanji 水遁:首切り獅子格闘
Literal English Water Release: Beheading Lion Grappluing
Rank A
Range Mid Range
Hand Seals Snake -> Horse -> Dragon -> Boar -> Rat -> Hare -> Bird -> Dragon -> Snake -> Hare -> Dragon -> Rat -> Boar -> Hare -> Horse -> Ox -> Monkey -> Dragon -> Snake
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Water Release: Beheading Lion Grappling (水遁:首切り獅子格闘 Suiton: Kubikiri Shishi Kakutou) is an A-Rank Water Release technique created and used by Kosenjou Yuuyoku. It is a necessity that this technique be used where large amounts of water are present for it to be truly effective against another opponent. After performing the required hand-seals, two large columns of water will shoot out from any source of water, and through Shape Transformation, will transform into a shape resembling Lions to a degree. These lions are capable of being regenerated as long as enough water is present and Kosenjou has the right amount of chakra. Kosenjou, after these lions are created, then manipulates them to attack an opponent from the East and West. They then jump on Kosenjou's command, and use their vicious canines to gnaw deep into the available opponent's limb, although this will commonly be the head, hence the technique's name. These canines cannot be rid of, as they take on the opponent's moisture to feed their teeth, making them stronger and harder to be removed, and the only way for them to be removed is to amputate the said limb, causing a major disadvantage. After this has been done, Kosenjou will order the lions to rip off the said limb from the opponent's body, causing immense pain and will commonly defeat an opponent. The chakra requirement for this technique however, is quite taxing, and she rarely uses this technique, and prefers to use it's "weaker" versions, Water Release: Lion Cross, and Water Release: Devouring Lion.

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