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Water Release: Cartwheel Saw
Name Water Release: Cartwheel Saw
Kanji 水遁:側転鋸
Literal English Water Release: Cartwheel Saw
Other N/A
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank C
Range Short-Mid Range
Hand Seals Snake -> Dragon -> Monkey -> Snake
Other Jutsu

Water Release: Cartwheel Saw (水遁:側転鋸 Suiton: Sokuten Nokogiri) is a C-Rank Water Release technique developed by Kosenjou Yuuyoku in her youth. It is a highly versatile technique that can be put into many applications as it's process of execution is easily modified. By forming the hand seals and drawing her blade, she channels water chakra into her blade at very high pressures. She then uses several acrobatic movements along with blade strikes in order to slash an opponent. Combined with Nishikigi's natural sharpness, the blade gains grinding properties, which deepen and cause much more damage than normal. She commonly uses this in interrogation, causing torturous pain to her victim.

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