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Water Release: Grinding Bullet
Name Water Release: Grinding Bullet
Kanji 水遁:研ぎ弾
Literal English Water Release: Grinding Bullet
Classification Offensive
Rank B
Range Mid-Long Range
Hand Seals Rat -> Ram -> Hare -> Snake -> Dragon -> Boar
Other Jutsu

Water Release: Grinding Bullet (水遁:研ぎ弾 Suiton: Togitama) is a Water Release technique influenced by Water Release: Gunshot and created by Kosenjou Yuuyoku. It allows the user to knead chakra inside their stomach and subsequently fire it from the user's mouth. However, during the process of it being fired from the user's mouth, Shape Transformation is applied to it. Similar to the Rasengan, the user, using chakra, rotates the water collected inside the user's mouth at high speeds, and then shoots it out. This causes a much more fierce bullet of water, which has the potency to tear through large defenses with enough time. By building up the chakra inside the stomach, the user is able to create larger bullets, albeit with less rotation, and vice-versa by using a small amount of chakra and large rotation capabilities, thus, making it a versatile technique.

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