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Water Release: Heavy Poison Snake Wall
Name Water Release: Heavy Poison Snake Wall
Kanji 水遁・高いまむし壁面
Classification Offensive
Rank A-rank
Range Long-Range
Hand Seals Ox > Bird > Snake > Dragon > Snake
Other Jutsu

Water Release: Heavy Poison Snake Wall (水遁・高いまむし壁面, Suiton: Takai Mamushi Hekimen) is an extremely powerful and highly advanced Water Release jutsu, a specialty by the Kaburagi Clan. The user first generates a small sphere of water in their hand using their own chakra, before spinning the water in multiple directions at once using only the user's chakra; in a similar manner to the Rasengan. However, unlike the Rasengan, the user is required to force to spin the water at incredible speeds while keeping the sphere intact using shape transformation and more water is generated every second. Once over ten gallons have been collected; the user disengages the shape transformation and breathes lightly into the sphere, causing tremendous amounts of water to to spread everwhere at incredible speed, similar to a whirlpool. This whirlpool can halt the progression of many Fire Release techniques, and if left unchecked, it can consume the surrounding area. The moment the opponent becomes trapped in the 'eye' of the whirlpool, an enormous snake formed from water emerges from the water, before diving down at the opponent with tremendous force.

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