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Water Release: Spiral Pillar
Name Water Release: Spiral Pillar
Kanji 水遁:捻子旨
Literal English Water Release: Spiral Pillar
Rank D
Range Close
Hand Seals Snake -> Hare -> Ram -> Ox -> Dragon -> Horse
Other Jutsu

Water Release: Spiral Pillar (水遁:捻子旨 Suiton: Nejimune) is a Water Release technique which allows the user to use Shape Transformation into a small body of water surrounding them in order to create a pillar of water which surrounds them. This pillar has whirlpool-like features, as it constantly spins at a high speeds, this makes it fit to repel many forms of ranged weaponry with ease. Albeit it does fall against considerably powerful attacks. Due to it's low-energy cost, it can be used repeatedly by the user if they have higher chakra levels.

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