Water Release: Water Bomb
Name Water Release: Water Bomb
Kanji 爆発水を
Rank A-rank
Range Short
Hand Seals Hare - Bird - Hare
Other Jutsu

Water Release: Water Bomb (爆発水を, Suiton: Mizu Bakudan lit. "Exploding Water") is an A-rank jutsu developed by Ai Mizuumi.

The technique itself is rather simple. The user spits a stream of forceful water out of their mouth and into the palm of their hand. The pressure and force from when the stream is spat is retained in the formed sphere of water. The result is a globe of water the size of a rubber ball. The water is very pressurized and incredibly dense.

The water bomb may then be thrown or kept in the palm of the user's hand until slammed into another object or person. Once contact is made, the sphere explodes in a high pressure torrent of water. The destructive power of this technique has been likened to a grenade blast.

The bomb can pose risk to the user, especially if the user of the technique opts not to throw it.

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