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Wave Release
Nature Icon Wave.svg
Kanji 波動
Rōmaji Namiton
User(s) Yuuma Amaterasu

Wave Release is an advanced chakra nature, made up of purely Water Release. Used by Yuuma Amaterasu thanks to his relationship with Saiken, allowing him to control the water as if it were an extension of himself. Similar to the Blaze Release, the Wave Release extends directly from one of the basic chakra natures but allows Yuuma to be capable of manipulating the water into a much more concentrated form. When in use, the Wave Release allows Yuuma to draw in water from all nearby sources for his use, including other Water Release related techniques and even allows him to work in tandem with Ice Release users, melting it down for his own personal use. The jutsu used by the Wave Release have a unique feature of being more cohesive than that of standard Water Jutsu as the salinity of the water is thick enough to keep it together and give it the texture of quicklime.

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