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Wave Release: Cry of Mercury
Kanji 波動: 水銀泣く
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Range Long Range
Other Jutsu

A powerful Wave Release jutsu. Yuuma forms his water around him in a large quantity before large waves begin to appear as if it were a wall and then crashes down forming a whirlpool. He stands in the middle of it, as the water from the whirlpool circles around him in the air like a giant swing. The watery energy then starts to gather in Yuuma's hands, forming a sphere in the form of its namesake planet, so the attack can almost become complete. He then brings his left hand towards the planet-shaped energy projectile, then holds it with both hands, opening his legs a bit, then puts them back together as the energy continued to gather from the whirlpool. Then, he quickly brings his left hand down, firing the planet-shaped energy projectile that looks like a large lance as it flies towards an opponent. The glowing sphere of watery energy flies slightly downward, then it re-appears, crashing through nine ocean waves, going directly at his intended target.

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