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Wavering Shadow
Name Wavering Shadow
Kanji 揺らめく影
Classification Supplementary
Rank A-rank
Other Jutsu
This technique, developed by Nōsei no Mikoto, permits the user a wider variety of evasive properties in both physical and illusory planes through an usage of defensive Yin Release genjutsu. When utilized in the physical realm Wavering Shadow allows Nōsei to misrepresent his location, which allows him to draw his opponents into a false sense of security regarding tactical positioning. Furthermore, through the usage of this technique it is relatively simple to avoid being directly targeted by an enemy's attacks. When the illusory version of the individual performing this technique is struck is bursts into a mass of shadowy energy that re-coalesces around the actual individual, giving the appearance that the technique possesses different properties.

When utilized in the illusory plane this technique allows the user to evade an enemies genjutsu, but additionally make it appear as if the original illusion operated correctly. Nōsei accomplishes this by precisely cutting his mind off from the invasive properties of the enemy's technique while simultaneously applying a genjutsu of his own. The applied genjutsu is designed to reverse engineer the enemy's technique into a visualization of the technique operating in the desired manner. This visualization, which Nōsei himself can also see, allows him to lure his opponent in a sense of security and while simultaneously taking note of the illusion's properties.

While the physical plane version of this technique can be activated in advance, it requires a substantial amount of chakra to maintain continually. Therefore, Nōsei often uses it at specific times to gain an advantage over an opponent. On the other hand the illusory plane version requires chakra correlating to the complexity of the technique being evaded.

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