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Whirping Petal Illusion Technique
Petal Illusion
Name Whirping Petal Illusion Technique
Kanji 旋転弁幻覚の術
Rank C
Range Close, Mid, Long
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

This is a genjutsu that forces an opponent to go mad. First, an imaginary twister of petals surrounds the opponent, blocking all view of the outside. As the petals whirl a voice begins to speak to them, forcing them to experience the fears in their hearts, and make them think winning the battle is impossible. The results of this speech vary from victim to victim. As the petals whirl, a vision of a wounded man occasionally appears, something that is not necessary for the jutsu, but Hantai adds for extra "flair". Despite not using actual petals, it is considered a Petal Release technique.

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