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Wind Release: Aero
Name Wind Release: Aero
Kanji エアロ
Rank D-rank
Range Short
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

When used this technique accelerates the wind currents in the immediate vicinity as well as those formed using Chakra Flow on the bladed weapon and cloaks Gray's body in a swirling forcefield-like manner. Useful as a defense, as well as a damaging offensive to surprise foes attempting a sneak attack. Due to the speed of the wind, finding an opening can be quite difficult.

A technique which is saw as a form of right of passage within the Kazuki Clan's wind-attuned Kenjutsu practitioners. It is widely used by even the least experienced Genin within the clan capable of using it, with skilled practitioners such as Gray himself being fit to use it on instinct.

Known Users Edit

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