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Wind Release: Air Current
Name Wind Release: Air Current
Kanji きりゅう
Rōmaji Kiryū
Rank B-rank
Hand Seals None
Range Short, Mid
Type Offensive
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Wind Wind
User(s) Gray Kazuki

Merely by swinging his bladed weapon through the air, Gray can accelerate the wind currents formed using Chakra Flow following the arc of the slashing motion, creating a potent current of razor sharp wind which can cut through most obstacles and defenses without incident. Kiryū also creates countless microscopic wind-blades upon contact with the target that damage the body on a cellular level in conjunction with the outward physical wounds.

Gray admits that the Wind Release: Air Current is a refined variation of the Vacuum Sword technique which applies the extreme cutting power of the wind-nature as well as the strength of the gales.

Known Users Edit

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