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Wind Release: Beautiful Destruction
Name Wind Release: Beautiful Destruction
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Other Jutsu

The user creates hundreds of highly pressurized air bubbles that glisten in the light and have a prismatic rainbow effect on any light that passes through each bubble. Each bubble will detonate on contact with the opponent or at the will of the user; the pressure contained within an average bubble is enough to blow a hole through a stone wall. Each bubble is able to be controlled individually or as a barrage, creating numerous tactics which lay at the feet of a thoughtful user. Both the number of bubbles created and the pressurized force in said bubbles are determined by the amount of chakra used, creating 900 bubbles takes considerably more chakra than creating 200. Due to the nature of this attack fire jutsu will result in instant detonation due to the immediate decompression of the air.

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