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Wind Release: Finger Bullet
Finger gun
Name Wind Release: Finger Bullet
Kanji 風遁・空気指
Literal English Wind Release: Air Finger
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Range Short, Mid
Other Jutsu

A variation of Wind Release: Beautiful Destruction developed by Heishiro. The user rapidly pressurizes air around a fingertip and fires the "bullet" of wind at the opponent. The bullet itself is invisible until fired, giving a tactical advantage to the user and enabling quick sneak attacks. The power of this technique is dependent upon the amount of pressure generated to form the bullet, and it takes up to five seconds to form a bullet with the maximum damage output capable of killing an opponent. While the bullet itself is not devastating, due to how small it is, it has the potential to punch through steel if at full power and when aimed skillfully can deal a fatal blow. The bullets travel at high speeds but as they are composed of air, their impact power deteriorates with distance and due to this they are only effective at up to mid-range. A skillful user may form multiple "bullets" on each finger with each bullet at a different pressure and aim each accurately to deal varying degrees of damage to different targets. The "bullets" are most often fired from the index finger while the hand forms a "gun" although when multiple bullets are formed the fingers are simply pointed at the target. Due to the high speeds that the bullets are fired at they may only travel in a straight line and due to this are easy to dodge if the target can match their speed. When performed by Heishiro he is often heard adding a comical "Bang" sound afterwards.

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