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Wind Release: Silent Vacuum
Name Wind Release: Silent Vacuum
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank S
Range Short, Mid, Long
Other Jutsu

This technique requires near absolute mastery of Wind Release, due to the fact that the user must manipulate air which may or may not be near the user and maintain the focus necessary to control it. The user manipulates a specific area by removing some or all of the air in the targeted area, possibly suffocating the targets resulting in death. Due to the nature of this jutsu, it can be used to extinguish flames and to prevent sound from travelling by removing the medium it travels through. By simply reducing the amount of air in a specific area the user can make it so that sound is no longer able to travel through it, rendering the entire area deadly silent without the impairment of any body functions. The range of this jutsu is dependent on the amount of chakra that the user pushes into it, the further and larger the target area, the more chakra that is required for it to be effective. Yet, rendering a large area silent takes very little chakra, due to the fact that not as much air needs to be manipulated. When used to simply render an area soundless Heishiro calls it by a different name, Wind Release: Art of Silence. There is no visible difference between an area that is under the influence of this technique and one that is not, that being said projectiles such as senbon and kunai will travel at three times their normal speed due to there being no drag or resisting force in the environment.

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