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Wind Release: Wind Clone Trap
Name Wind Release: Wind Clone Trap
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Rank B
Range Short
Hand Seals Monkey
Other Jutsu

The user rapidly condenses and spins chakra, weaving it into a loose ball of air. This chakra is thrust to the side and released as the user makes the Monkey hand seal, forming a Wind Clone that bears the same chakra signature and holds chakra reserves of its own. This clone is indistinguishable from a typical clone and is able to combat the opponent. Unlike traditional shadow clones when the clone is attacked it will not disappear when attacked but instead either disperse into blades of wind meant to slice through the immediate area around it or it will spin into itself and form a small vortex to restrict the opponent’s movement, these actions may also be caused on command from the user. The size of the vortex created and the damage the blades of wind inflict is dependent on the amount of chakra given to the clone during its formation. A weakness to Fire-based attacks is typical of Wind Release techniques, these clones also bear the same weakness and will have explosive results if they come into contact with any flames. The use may choose to create multiple clones in the same instant but doing so will rapidly drain the user’s chakra, making it safe to only form up to three at a time.

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