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Wind Release: Windstorm Technique
Name Wind Release: Windstorm Technique
Kanji 風遁・暴風の術
Literal English Wind Release: Windstorm Technique
Classification Supplementary
Rank D-rank
Hand Seals Dragon
Other Jutsu
An incredibly simple technique that swirls air around the user in order to kick up a substantial amount of debris in the area. If successful the user can shroud their position from enemies. This technique is particularly useful in concealing a user's direction of movement if used in conjunction with the Body Flicker Technique. As this technique utilizes natural debris and only a small amount of chakra it can be utilized with relatively little effort.

Nōsei can use this technique on a larger scale to generate a persistent a swirling mass of debris that can visually impair people in a wide radius. It is extremely effective in dry locations with a lot of sand or dirt. The latter use of this technique requires more chakra, but doesn't pose a greater threat to anyone caught within the wind. Actually the most damage that this technique could inflict would be the result of dangerous particulates within the windstorm.

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