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Ōkami (オオカミ, Wolves) are the summons that reside on a small island off the coast of Getsugakure. They are the personal summon of certain members of the Amaterasu Clan, the current being Seiya Amaterasu, and grant their assistance in return for thethe clan's protection. Wolves possess a wide range of abilities, being able to spew Ice from their mouths as well as attacking with their claws and fangs.

They vary greatly in personality; with Ryuketsume, being the scariest wolf known so far. While Saibame, is fairly kinder than most, and even the boss wolf, Aganaime, who takes the form of a wolf that can transform into a human, however, is an almost non-chalant being who only does what he wants. Each wolf is shown to have a unique personality; some being capable of disregarding the owner's commands compeletely unless given a good enough reason to do so. Aganaime refuses to work unless paid to do so with the higher commands costing a fairly hefty price.

The summoning of an wolf requires a fair amount of chakra as their stores of power have to travel a great distance in order to get to the summoner. There are not many who can utilize them in battle to their maximum potential. The process is quite draining and even dangerous as the wolves can turn on the summoner if the ones that summon them are not careful.

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