Wood Release: Kakuan's Fifth Edict on Enlightenment
Torii seal
Name Wood Release: Kakuan's Fifth Edict on Enlightenment
Kanji 木遁・五公示オン啓発
Literal English Wood Release: Kakuan's Fifth Edict on Enlightenment
Classification Supplementary
Range Short-range
Hand Seals Ram → Snake
Other Jutsu

This technique is an advanced form of Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands.

After performing the hand seals, the user will produce ten torii which can suppress a tailed beast's influence over the user, or another jinchūriki. The reason for ten torii is for the trapping of Kurama, using each to trap every one of the beast's tails with one torii each, and then held the fox's body in place with the tenth. This completely subdued its chakra and allowed Hashirama to control the animate form of chakra.

The user can also reshape the ten torii into a cage like formation by interlocking the wooden structures.

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