Xerxes Takaraku (クセルクセスタカ楽, Kuserukusesutaka-raku) is a Missing-nin originating from Kirigakure, He is a powerfull ninja who earned the title The Inhuman Swordsman (冷酷な剣士, Reikokuna Kenshi) because of his swordsmanship skills, Xerxes apears to be an old friend of Ikab Ikazama as they both might have known each other in the past, He is also a member of the Akatsuki and the partner of Takuma.


Xerxes is a muscular man with short black hair and red eyes, He has a scar on his right eye which he might have gotten from a battle he had, He wears a white fabric shirt with long sleeves and black linings on its front stretching to its back, He wears dark blue pants that have a white sash wrapped around it holding it as a belt, He wears his forhead protector on his forearm, He has a prepared cane that he is usually seen holding in his hand when walking.

On some occasions Xerxes changes his outift into something more suited for battle, The outift is a simple black shirt with short sleeves, The same dark blue pants he wore before with the only difference of not wearing the same sash as before but changed it to a black rope belt tied around his waist, His head protector stays at his forearm, He still holds his prepared cane with him and has five other swords with him, Four on his back that he can easily reach and draw them, Two on the right side of his waist and one of the left side with his prepared cane.


Xerxes is mostly seen as a calm and patient man, He doesnt bother to argue with anyone not for any reason at all, He apears to be more relaxed when there isnt alot of noise around him that could probably mean he hates loud places as hes always seen in quiet places such as forests or rivers and such.

Once Xerxes is angered he is very deadly and merciless greatly injuring anyone who angers him unless it is an ally of him Xerxes will show absolutely no reason for letting the one who angered him live on, Yet if his opponent who angered him shows him a good fight then Xerxes will decide to let him live after he defeats him.

Xerxes is also very honorable to his opponents showing respect to them even after killing them or defeating them, He apparantly hates people who talk too much and likes more peacefull kind of people and places.

He somewhat has a weird kind of behavior for someone his age doing things that wont usualy be suited for a man his age, An example of such could be the fact that when he enters a building he enters through creating a door of his own by cutting an entrance through the wall instead of using the door, And jumping out of a window to escape an enemy instead of using another exit thats near him which is apparantly a door also not cutting an entrance for himself as he usually does, And lastly Xerxes would intend to remember his childhood and the good times he had back then while in a battle even telling a story about it to his enemy in the middle of a fight if if something reminds him of it that is.

Yet even if Xerxes does begin to tell a story about his childhood in a middle of a fight he can still fight even while telling a story happily without any problems as he can fight and tell a story at the same time, This shows a great skill in swordsmanship and a quite reckless thing to do in battle, Yet Xerxes is quite intelligent as well as he can think of his next move very quickly so he would think before actually starting to tell a story while fighting.

Xerxes also acts formal to other people who he finds peaceful and not those who make loud noises or annoy, He would act kindly to those people without any intended harm to them unless he is assigned for somekind of a job to target the person as he once did back in his days in Kirigakure, That is a part of him being merciless and cruel to those he needs or feels like killing.

Xerxes shows a hobby of collecting bird feathers that he finds scattered around and likes to see birds fly, He shows a deep love for birds no matter what kind is it as he also apears to have vast knowledge about them and always carries a book with him that he puts bird feathers that he finds in it.


Little is known about Xerxes' past, The only thing that is known about him is that he was a succesfull and promising Shinobi in Kirigakure mostly for his swordsmanship skills, He graduated from the academy as a Genin in the age of 8 and was a part of an unamed team that he went on missions with until the Chunin Exams came, He was able to pass the test and was the only member of his team to become a Chunin, He became a Chunin at the age of 14, Later he became a Jonin at the age of 23 and the rest of his past is unknown, Yet it is known that he left Kirigakure for his own reasons becoming a Missing-nin.

Abilities And PowersEdit


In the past Xerxes apeared to have little use of Ninjutsu since he has little Ninjutsus in his arsenal and that he only uses them to create a weapon, He is able of using Ice Release but only used Ice Release to create an ice sword, Yet Xerxes did apear to have great skill with it using it with his Kenjutsu.

Now Xerxes' skills in Ninjutsu have become greater and can use powerfull techniques for either offense or defense or even distract his enemy, He uses a Ninjutsu wisely to make sure not to waste chakra on pointless efforts to hit an enemy but instead waits for the right moment to use a Ninjutsu on his enemy thus he rarely misses his target, Yet also rarely uses a Ninjutsu at that as well because of him using Kenjutsu more then Ninjutsu.

Nature TransformationEdit

Xerxes is able of using Nature Transformation on Ice Release then he is able of manipulating ice, Shaping it into different objects at his whim, He can use it for both defense or offense, Xerxes uses it for both of these manners creating objects from ice that he can use for defense or offense, He uses it equally for both of these.

The limits of his ice manipulating ability is currently unknown yet it could be pressumed pretty high for being able of manipulating large amounts of ice and also being able of casting more than one Ninjutsu while one is already casted, As well as freezing a large radius of the ground he stands on by putting his hand on theg ground, Yet because of his low chakra reserve it would cost alot of chakra for him.

His skill with Ice Release is so great that he can defeat a highly skilled member of the Yuki Clan within a manner of minutes, Be it with only his Ninjutsu or Kenjutsu it does not matter for Xerxes because of him being skilled in both of them and incredibly deadly with both of them together.

Physical ProwessEdit

Chakra ReservesEdit

Due to focusing on improving his swordsmanship skills more than his Ninjutsu, Xerxes doesnt have a very large chakra reserve yet his chakra reserve is big enough to cast a few Ninjutsu's at once as for that Xerxes has to use his Ninjutsu wisely because of his short reserve of chakra, But even if Xerxes runs out of chakra he can still fight using his swordsmanship as it is his best skill.


Xerxes has incredible Taijutsu skills with his Kenjutsu as he also has incredible reflexes, Agility and speed, That is shown many times when he is fighting as he is able of quickly reacting to an enemies attack even if its by surprise he can react to it on time to dodge or block the attack then attack his enemy, His reflexes are also very great that it is even apeared like a Sharingan reading the movements of an enemy as Xerxes can read an enemies movements and use it for his own advantage.

His agility is also an incredible ability of his as he can quickly go from one motion to another with ease, He can also perform numerous acrobatic-like skills to dodge an attack easely as he can backflip very quickly dodging an attack even if it is incredibly close to him, Xerxes is still able of quickly dodging the attack.

Yet Xerxes has more speed then any other of his traits as his speed is incredible enough it can sometimes be hard to follow or read by anyone because of the great speed that Xerxes contains it is hard to follow his movements unless it is by a very skilled Shinobi who has a Sharingan or can read movements of people making it apear somewhat similar to a Sharingan, That is yet not all of Xerxes speed as it can sometimes apear as if his disapearing in an instant and reapearing in a second, Yet thats mostly happens after he picks up enough speed after running for quite a while.

With all of this skills that Xerxes contains he gets an incredible skill in unarmed combat being able of fighting several Shinobis at once as he is incredibly skilled and has a great advantage with his agility, Reflexes and speed, Xerxes also apears to have his own way of fighting several enemies by attacking them quickly in a certain spot on they're body that is very sensitive and can be painfull if hit, Thus Xerxes can quickly strike a powerfull blow to his enemy or simply grabbing and throwing them towards another enemy.

He also apears to be able of jumping into high grounds in one attempt reaching a roof top in one jump, He can jump from one roof top to another with ease as he has great stamina being able of continueing on running and jumping for an incredibly long time.


As his title The Inhuman Swordsmann implies, Xerxes has an inhuman level in Kenjutsu being able of cutting down a stone hard wall with his prepared cane when its still sheathed and even break metal with it by focusing his Wind chakra onto his cane whens its sheathed he can cut or break nearly anything, Another inhuman skill that Xerxes contains is the number of swords he can use in one fight which is to his extend six swords as he can use all six swords against several enemies with great skill, The way Xerxes uses six swords against an enemy is by using quickly taking his hand off one or two swords and quickly draw other swords from his sheathed ones quickly, If Xerxes lets go of a sword while he was swinging it the swords can still to te same damage and impact as if someone is actually holding the swords, That would show that Xerxes has a great level of strength that is yet unknown.

With Xerxes' skill in using six swords by quickly letting go of one or two and drawing another sword very quickly form the other ones that he would sometimes carry or find, Xerxes can attain a great advantage against his enemies and even with only one sword Xerxes is quite deadly being able of defeating several highly skilled Shinobi on his own.


Xerxes is a genius tactican and stragetist as he is able of planning his next move very quickly, Even if he is in a middle of a battle he doesnt get depressed at all for that he can plan his way of winning a battle in almost any condition that he can be in even when he tells a story about his childhood to someone he doesnt lose focus and still stays calm, He also has vast knowledge about the human body and its weak spots such as pressure points, Viral spots etc, This shows a great potential in battle.

He also apears to have knowledge on Water and Wind Release Ninjutsus as he can quickly recognize a Jutsu by simply looking at his enemies hand seals and being able of knowing what Justu his enemy will cast, Thus he can quickly dodge the attack and counter his enemy.

Master Bird Caller & TrainerEdit

Even though it might not have much help in battle, Xerxes apears to have more knowledge about birds than anything else he has knowledge about knowing every type of bird there is around him or far from him, Xerxes can recognize any bird in within a simple number of seconds, He also apears to be highly trained with message birds knowing how to call a bird from its owner onto him making it instantly recognize him as his new owner, That would give Xerxes some advantage such as stopping a message bird from delivering an urgent message to his enemies and knowing about there information, Yet if a bird is incredibly fond with its owner than it would be hard for Xerxes to call the bird onto him.

He can also train a bird and make it a full fledge message bird within only a small number of days, And also train it to protect itself from danger or so, Thus there is no doubt that Xerxes is infact one of the greatest bird trainers and callers in the world.


  • Xerxes' last name Takaraku has two words with different meanings "Taka" meaning "Hawk" and "Raku" meaning "Ease".
  • For some reason Xerxes gets easily annoyed when called an old man which he is called that mainly for his old man-like behavior despite his young age.
  • His favorite food is Onions.
  • His hobby is collecting bird feathers.
  • His favorite word is "Potential".

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