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Kanji 큰안녕눈
Literal English Eyes of Great Peace
Classification Kekkei Genkai Mutation
Other Jutsu
These eyes are known as the Eyes of Great Peace, but if they fall into the wrong hands, all I can see is destruction... for that cause I need to protect them with my life.

—Tenshi talking about her eyes

Yóngqíyǎn (큰안녕눈, Eyes of Great Peace) are the eyes that awoke in Tenshi Noriko due to her father's Seikōzoku blood causing a mutation in her eyes. These eyes are characterized by a golden glowing iris. These eyes carry heavy killer intent and fierce intensity of death within them, making Tenshi's opponents affected by this killer intent. These eyes see chakra (such as hidden barriers), and even tell chakra natures apart from each other. She can also see the energetic make-up of a technique, and seems to have an ability to actually "touch" chakra. They can manipulate and shift the form of raw chakra into different forms.

However, the eyes are not without cost. As it would appear, these eyes take a toll on Tenshi's health; this negates her ability to fight for long periods of time and even coughs up blood during fights when she pushes herself too far. Along with these innate powers, three techniques were also born with these eyes; Yulryeo, Magoseong, and a third unknown technique.

Unique PowersEdit

Named after the Korean Deity of Creation, Yulryeo (율려) is a jutsu that allows for one to manipulate probability by triggering random events to happen which by improbable but not impossible things to happen in order to gain a desired affect.

Named after the Spiritual Heaven, Shinkaiten (영적천국) is a technique that allows the user to use a limited form of telekinesis by lacing their chakra into the environment.

While the third is unknown, Tenshi states that it represents the "Korean Goddess of Creation" (마고성, Magoseong).


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