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Yūki Kaburagi
Possible Yuuki2
Name Yuuki Kaburagi
Kanji 鏑木=優輝
Personal Status
Birthdate January 29
Age 19
Gender Male (refers to self as "Female")
Height 161 cm
Weight 29 kg
Blood Type B
Hometown Unknown
Home Country Amegakure
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Kaburagi Clan Head
Team None
Previous Team Unknown
Partner None
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Kaburagi Clan
Rank Genin
Classification Unknown
Ninja Registration Unknown
Academy Grad. Age Unknown
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Jōnin Prom. Age N/A
Kekkei Genkai None
Kekkei Tōta None
Tailed Beasts None
Hiden Techniques Lunar Techniques
Nature Type 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Release
100px-Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Fire Release: Blazing Gigs
Fire Release: Wave Motion Inferno
Fire Release: Burning Big Bang
Fire Release: Flight of Fireflies
Fire Release: Long Range Fire Whips
Water Release: Heavy Poison Snake Wall
Water Release: Tide Pool
Water Release: Brine Drill
Lightning Release: Thunder Claw
Lightning Release: Purple Lightning Flash
Lightning Release: Photon Burst
Lightning Release: Hammer of the Vile King
Shedding Leaves: Matter is Void
Shedding Leaves: One Eye Vision
Shedding Leaves: Crease Lined Dimension
Lunar Release: Moonless Sky
Lunar Release: Lunar Tide
Lunar Release: Eye of the Moon
Lunar Release: Moon Dog Inscription
Lunar Release: Crescent Moon Dance
Weapons Rakuyō
So um, yeah, this is Konoha reconstructed. They've reconstructed Konoha. It had a lot of renovations to do. It just wasn't up to code, you know. There was some stuff going on, they found a whole lot of battery acid running around in the attic, and you know how noisy that can get. Neighbors started to complain, they called a telephone number, which doesn't even exist, but they managed to make one just for that one occasion. It was just a big ol' piece of chili pie.

—Yuuki Kaburagi's notes on the reconstructed Konoha, and a shining example of his eccentricity.

Yūki Kaburagi (鏑木=優輝, Kaburagi Yuuki) is a mysterious and powerful Shinobi who is a member of the Kaburagi Clan, which was eradicated from history ten years ago; Yuuki is the sole survivor. Despite him being in his late teens, he is still a lowly genin; this is due to his slow learning process and unwillingness to show his clan's Hiden to others.

Yuuki was born in Amegakure, raised from birth to be the new head of the Kaburagi Clan. However, his 'perculiarities' stirred up feelings of doubt within the other clansmen, at least until they witnessed Yuuki's proficiency with jutsu at the low age of six. Despite this and due to the tremendous pressure put upon him by the other members of the Kaburagi Clan, Yuuki yearned for the most peaceful life, secretly wishing that his clan would 'dissapear'. Unfortunately, he got his wish, as the Kaburagi Clan was obliterated by a mysterious man in a black cloak. The man spared for unknown reasons before dissapearing. Such an event left Yuuki full of guilt, though he put up a friendly and hyperactive front in an attempt to prevent people from finding this out.


Yuuki is a androgynous, effiminate, and slender male, whose features are almost completely feminine in appearance. Yuuki also has wide hips and long legs. Yuuki's eyes are large and droopy, and he has heterochromia; that is to say, his left eye is blue and his right is red. His blonde-colored hair reaches down to his ankles, and the front part of his hair is cut straight in a bob stroke. Yuuki wears an elegant and ornate decorated kimono, and black high-heeled stiletto boots.

On occasions, Yuuki has often worn his hair in a bun which spikes up slightly at the top, gently flowing out to the left side, with several strands of hair sticking out at the sides of the bun as sort of waves. He occasionally wears a lycrois flower on the right side of his hair. In addition, one of his many other outfits includes a jet-black dress which reaches down to his thighs, and wooden sandals with red straps.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Yuuki is seemingly a kind, thoughtful, and sometimes shy, and a happy good hearted person who places a lot of emphasis on politeness in his speech. He is also peace-loving, and personally, he trusts his friends, and is always happy to lend a sympahetic ear if they are troubled. He is usually training and spending time with Nika, and views himself as one of the girls. He acts excitable and energetic, and he is also clumsy and somewhat forgetful, and tends to give long, drawn-out explanations if questioned. Yuuki is a whimsical individual who, although knowing the basics of the modern era, does not seem to know about social norms, and thus could be considered insane, which is supported by his loony ramblings. Yuuki tends to blush when treated as the opposite sex by others. Yuuki will go to any length to ensure that he comes out the victor in anything that interests him, even going as far as to demand "a second round" constantly. Despite this, he is slothful and childish, due to the nature of his upbringing.

He is usually friendly and cheerful to his friends, always being curious and not worrying much about things, though he subtly manipulates them at times. He usually tries to raise the spirits of others, making him the mood maker of the group. Yuuki has problems reading the atmosphere in situations and just speaks out what comes to mind, sometimes making others surprised at his actions. Due to his upbringing, he knows nothing of the world or how to interact with others.

Despite this, Yuuki is also intelligent, being able to conclude and observe numerous things about many of the other more perculiar characters before others, such as figuring out the connection between Gai and Kagirinai at a single glance. At some times, Yuuki's emotions are very sudden and unpredictable, taking things to the extremes if needed. Yuuki values friendship highly, and can become extremely angry when his friends are hurt or injured, and several people are shown to be frightened of him when he is enraged. His ability to inspire fear is such as Haruko refers to him as a 'monster'.

It should be noted that Yuuki is bisexual; being attracted to both males and females, a fact that he had discovered only recently. However, Yuuki prefers men over women, yet he has stated that he loves both genders equally, even continuing "...You people and your quaint little catagories." Yuuki keeps this a closely guarded secret, due to the nature of his upbringing by his discriminative parents and fear of being shunned by others, and would only reveal it in the company of homosexual and other bisexual people, as he feels more comfortable in the company of those similar to himself. Yuuki is often relieved when participating in conversations after revealing his bisexuality to the other person, and happier to talk about subjects concerning that, though he becomes shy once again when it comes to personal interests, often hoping to end the subject with simple responses due to fear once again, as he believes that his interests may seem "warped" to the other person. Very few males meet Yuuki's standards; preferring impossibly and improbably feminine men.

Yuuki is well-versed in Sado, Ikebana and Calligraphy, and he is also an accomplished singer. Yuuki also has a tendency to use female nouns and pronouns when referring to himself. Yuuki refers to himself with female terms, and has expressed a desire to have a female body. When Nika refers to him as 'he', he explicitly asks to be referred to as 'She', not 'he'.




Being the first choice to be the head of the Kaburagi Clan before its destruction, Yuuki possesses tremendous skill and versatility in all categories of jutsu. In addition, he is quite intelligent, though many other characters are far smarter than he is, this is due to IQ difference and Yuuki's general bored attitude towards writing tests of any kind. However, Yuuki is extremely creative in the applications of his jutsu, as well as incredibly crafty, in no due part to his bright imagination which many characters have noted to be "wonderful".


Taijutsu and KenjutsuEdit

While Yuuki prefers utilizing his Lunar Release in combat as opposed to getting up close and personal with his opponents, the once destined Kaburagi Clan head has shown incredible skill in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu. With Kenjutsu, Yuuki is able to wield his blade in either hand, though like Gai Nagareboshi, he most commonly holds his blade in his left hand, as his laterality leans more towards being left-handed. Yuuki utilizes a fast one-handed style with his sword, Rakuyō, attacking extremely quickly with his blade in combat. Despite his strikes seemingly possessing little to no force in them, they are tremendously powerful; Yuuki was able to slice clean through a large rock with a simple swing of his blade.

In regards to Taijutsu, Yuuki was able to defeat two Chūnin at the same time with his bare hands. Yuuki's incredible skill in the art is drastically enhanced by his inherent immense strength, giving him the ability to unleash devastating blows with ease. His preferred way of striking seems to be punches, though he has often used kicks as well. Yuuki's fighting style is freestyle and improvised; it follows no particular code of honor at all, and so if necessary, he will actually attack women, hit below the belt, attack even if his opponents have their backs turned on him or are otherwise unprepared or unsuspecting, use allies or opponents as human shields or even bite his opponents. While fighting, Yuuki can also think on the spot, and come up with creative counterattacks against his enemies.

Nature TransformationEdit

Lunar TechniquesEdit

Yin-Yang ReleaseEdit



  • "That guy is wearing a forehead protector, but it doesn't protect him from the dangers of mustard. Probably because mustard is something you eat. I've once received a drop of mustard on my head and I don't think I've suffered a lot of brain damage although, I mean, I could be wrong. I've been wrong about a lot of things in the past such as: Yogurt is not a cat, I had to learn that the hard way, and you can not play the piano if your piano is resting precariously on top of the Hokage Monument."
  • "A village without a Kage is like a ninja dog without a tongue. It has a lot of trouble eating."


  • Instead of using Gai Nagareboshi as the main character as the user does on all other fanons, he/she decided to choose Yuuki to be their new main because a) He/she loves portraying him in his/her Bleach storyline, b) It is a refreshing change of pace, and c) Yuuki is rather cute, don't you think?