Yagami Clan
Yagami Crest
Kanji 八神一族
Hidden Techniques Gorin no Taisei

The Yagami Clan (八神一族, Yagami Ichizoku, lit. "Clan of the Eight Gods") are a prominent clan of samurai in the Land of Water. They are a renown clan of powerful warriors, who have thrived despite the numerous civil wars that have plagued the Land of Water for centuries, rising to become one if its most influential non-shinobi clans. The Yagami clan were instrumental during the years of the Bloody Mist, where the Third Mizukage waged a war against all bloodline limit clans, by providing a safe haven for those who wished to escape. During this struggle their leader Kenshin Yagami rallied the clans together with the help of the Mei Terumī to topple the Third Mizukage's reign.

Clan HistoryEdit

Early YearsEdit

The Nagato Province is one of the small islands that make up the Land of Water, located in its north western seas. For as long as the island has remained inhabitited the Yagami have acted as the ruling authority figures, as well as its military. While predominately a samurai clan, the Yagami trace their lineage back to a minor shinobi clan, the Higurashi, who migrated to the island when they were nearly destroyed by a rival clan during the Shinobi Warring Clans Era. At the time, they were severly weakened and were at the mercy of the island inhabitants. The clan head - Yagami Ryuu formed an alliance with the shinobi clan, by marrying the clan heiress Higurashi Mikumo. Shortly after, the Higurashi were intergrated into the family passing down their secret techniques. The Higurashi however were not the only shinobi clan that was displaced during the Shinobi Warring Clans Era,with many other clans undergoing a similar metamorphosis with other island inhabitants.

Warring States EraEdit

In time, many of the samurai clans began to amass their power, and as a consequence their borders. Soon civil war erupted throughout the Land of Water, each clan vying for power. The Yagami first warred with the Sanada clan, a conflict arising from their competition for natural resources in the unhabitable islands nearby. This however lasted only few months, as both were unexpectedly attacked by the much larger clan the Yoshimori. Forced to abandon their differences the Sanada and the Yagami allied themselves to fight the war against the Yoshimori, a war that lasted for many years. The two clans were finally able to land a decisive victory over the Yoshimori, when they trapped its forces in a deadly pincer atttack, cut off from supply lines. After several exhausting weeks of guerillia combat the Sanada and the Yagami were able to destroy the Yoshimori. The two clans had since developed such respect and dependence on one another that they formed a permanent alliance. Since then, the Yagami and Sanada clans have beaten the test of time, surviving through hundreds of small conflicts and several major wars that has plagued the history of the Land of Water.

To Be Continued...

Clan InformationEdit

Population: The Yagami clan have undergone significant changes in their population since the years of the Bloody Mist. Prior to that, the Sanada clan composed roughly half of the clan's population, before their betrayal by the two elder brothers reducing them by two-thirds. After Kenshin took the helm as clan head, they clan began to steadily rebuild itself, and experienced a boon in their population when they absorbed hundreds of bloodline limit users into their clan. With a new generation of clan members their total population is said to exceed almost a thousand, however not all members are of Yagami descent, many are splintered bloodline limit clans who are under their protection, and serve as additional forces.

Profession: The Yagami are primarily a military force, a samurai one at that and as such much of their exports/imports deal largely with the manufacture of weapons and armor. They have developed a highly advanced method of smithing, known as Hiden Kaji (秘伝鍛冶, "secret formula smithing") and is a closely guarded secret, which allows them to extract vast quantities of chakra from the rich chakra veins that comb through the island. It is also used as an all-purpose energy when electricity will not work. It can be infused into materials to strength, lighten or sharpen them; assemble goods from raw materials via chakra streams, and manipulate or negate the physical forces (gravity, friction, etc). It is their weapons though that garner the greatest respect, simply known as Yomibusou for the ebony metal of their weapons. These powerfully built weapons are extraordinarily durable, able to withstand extreme temperatures, damage from external forces and chakra based attacks. In fact, due to its high durability it is largely considered nigh indestructable. Weapons forged from the Yagami are highly prized, possessing some of the greatest swordsmiths outside of Hidden Mist itself.

Clan Politics: The Yagami are governed by a ruling council of members selected from the various families in the clan. However above them lies the clan head, who has the absolute authority, although the clan head will rarely overturn any decisions made by the council. The inheritance of clan head is passed down through two means, the first and most commonplace method is lineage. Now the Yagami have a rather complex method of determining who is next in line, when there are several childern, as the clan head is free to choose who will be his heir. The other method is much rarer, but deals with the transmission of the clans most sacred art - the Gorin no Taisei. While nearly any member of the Yagami can learn the secrets of the Gorin no Taisei, very few show the potential to reach beyond normalcy in its use. There are those who are skilled enough, possessing the necessary traits to excel above and beyond others. In this case it is not uncommon for the clan head to choose one who has reached the pinnacle of their art. Now, the Yagami have always been philosophical in regards to the sword, codifying a foundation since the clans creation by which the clan head is to act and live their life. If these qualities are found in another, then they are to be considered a worthy choice for the clan.

Clan Religion: The Yagami along with many other clans are currently undergoing a cultural renaissance regarding the philosophy and use of the sword. For centuries the sword has been a tool, a means to an end given the constant civil wars plaguing the lands. But after the 3rd Great Shinobi War and the Bloodline Limit Purge, many clans have largely settled down, as Kirigakure no Sato became the largest governing power in the Land of Water. Before swordsmanship and other taijutsu skills were taught for the benefit that they would be used in war, but now that the time of war is over, many have begun to practice the martial arts for its own sake. The sword is evolving from "the sword that kills" to "the sword that gives life" a philosophy promoting the mastery and perfection of an art in a of religious fashion. As such there has been an explosive increase in the number of martial arts schools, all across the region, although clans tend to favor various ideals and concepts suiting the evolution of their own tradition. The Yagami specifically have a unique set of beliefs created since its founding, laid down by the first clan head Ryuu Yagami. It has since evolved into the present day Tsurugi-no-Kanjin (剣の肝心, "fundamentals of the sword").


Yomibusou (黄泉武装, lit. "Underworld Armaments"): These are the Yagami Clans most prized weapons, created using a Hiden known only by their most esteemed sword smiths. The amount of chakra infused in any one weapon is measured in shitan (no plural), which is enough chakra to fuel a single C-Rank Ninjutsu. The average armament contains anywhere from 10 to 15 shitan, while high quality and more powerful weapons possess exponentially more. Such weapons are said to possess unique or supernatural powers. Kenshin Yagami's weapon the Tsukikage, the ancestral blade of the Yagami clan contains about 1,600,000 shitan. Its scabbard contains 2,400,000 shitan.

Tsukikage (月影, lit. "Moon Shadow"): Is the ancestral blade of the Yagami Clan, an immensely powerful weapon infused with enormous amounts of chakra, to compliment the clans koryu the Gorin no Taisei. Tsukikage is a unique weapon as it seems to possess some degree of sentience, as it has chosen its wielders in the past. However the true extent of its powers remain largely unknown, even by its current master Kenshin Yagami.

Military ForcesEdit

The Yagami-senshi (夜神戦士, lit. "Yagami Warrior") are the military mght of the Yagami Clan, and has served as its military force since the clans founding over a millennia ago. Since its creation a number of branches have been created and some abolished to meet the demands of modern warfare. Currently there exists three subdivisions; the Combat Operations, Support Operations and Intelligence Operations Divisions, each specializing in their own unique field.


  • General (将軍, shogun): The clan head and leader of the Yagami-senshi.
  • Vice-Commander (副隊長, fukutaichō): The Vice-Commander is the second in command of the Yagami-senshi, reporting directly to the Commander.
  • Commissioned Officer (執務官, shitsumukan): A Commissioned Officer acts as the leader of any given subdivision, or unit.
  • Tactical Instructor (戦技教導官, senjutsu kyōdōkan): This is a special position often for commissioned officers, and special investigation officers to teach military strategy and combat techniques to the armed forces of the Yagami-senshi.
  • Special Investigations Officer (特別検査官, tokubetsu kensakan): The Special Investigation Officer was a new position developed following the events of the Terumi Alliance, although it was formally given a rank in recent years. As the name implies the Special Investigations Officer exists as part of the Yagami Clan's Special Tactics Squadron, as an elite warrior.
  • Warrior (戦士, senshi): This is the rank of any swordsman currently in the military of the Yagami Clan, and is used to denote any member of the Yagami-senshi as a whole.


  • Royal Guard (王属特務, ozokutokumu): The Royal Guard serve as the elite fighting force handpicked by the General of the Yagami-senshi to serve as his guard. After the events of the Bloodline Limit Purge, the guard draws its members from the most esteemed of the Yagami and various shinobi clans that were absorbed.
  • Special Tactics Squadron (戦術特殊部隊, senjutsu tokushu butai): The Special Tactics Squadron serve as the assassination specialists and infiltrators of the Yagami Clan. Their role is functionally the same as ANBU in any other Hidden Village. Since the Bloodline Limit Purge, the Yagami Clan absorbed several shinobi clans, and most if not all Special Investigations Officers are drawn from these clans. This subdivision was created by the clans current leader during the events of the Terumi Alliance.
  • Armed Forces Division (武装隊, busōtai): The Armed Forces Division serves as the bulk military force for the Yagami Clan.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Land of Water is a collection of small islands, each with their individual traditions that has had plagued by constant civil war in the past. And given the lack of information pretaining to whether the Land of Water participated in any Shinobi World Wars, I took the opportunity to expand on the details left out by the mangaka. Furthermore given the information present in the Naruto world, there is some descripency regarding just how old the Six Paths Sage truly is. The Bijuu are all described as having multiple hosts, existing as age old disasters appearing once every few centuries, and yet the existence of the Hidden Villages has barely been around for a hundred years. With that in mind, I'm assuming that the shinobi world had centuries if not a millennia worth of untouched history? Until proven otherwise in canon, these are the liberties I will be taking. This was intended to give the Land of Water a greater wealth of history, one dealing with both Shinobi and Samurai.
  • The concept of Tsukikage, the Gorin no Taisei, as well as the clans profession are inspired by the mechanics of Caul Chakra described in the fanfiction Break the World by Rihaku.
  • The Yagami Clan's emblem is the same as the historical Date clan.