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Yun Koshaku
Name Yun Koshaku
Kanji 丸弄る
Personal Status
Birthdate May 6th
Age 19
Gender Male Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 157 lbs
Blood Type B
Hometown Getsugakure
Home Country Land of the Moon
Affiliation Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Nature Icon Water Land of Water
Seven Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
Previous Affiliation Getsugakure
Occupation Assassin
Previous Occupation Instructor
Team Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
Previous Team None
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Unknown
Rank Jōnin
Classification Swordsman
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 12
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Dark Dark Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Dark Dark Release

Nature Icon Water Water Release

Jutsu Killing Intent
Dark Release: Inhaling Maw
Dark Release: Judgment
Dark Release: Moonglow
Dark Release: Virus
Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique
Water Release: Great Waterfall Flow
Water Release: Rising Water Slicer
Water Clone Technique
Tornado of Water
Gushing Water Imprisonment
Summoning Technique (Skeletons)
Summoning Technique: Forlorn Army
Summoning Technique: Forlorn Kingdom
Summoning Technique: Final Farewell
Dead Soul Technique
Broken Flower
Weapons Kyofuga

Yun Koshaku is a Rogue Jonin-rank Shinobi from Getsugakure in the Land of the Moon. After a failed assassination attempt on the leader of the village while he was younger, in order to usurp the power for himself, he escaped on a crude raft to the Land of Water and eventually made his way to Kirigakure during the time of the selection for the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. After sneaking into the location for the trial, Yun decided to participate and take a sword for himself, killing and butchering many of the shinobi present.

During the trial, Yun murdered several students and took their position. This feat wouldn't go unnoticed as several other participants attempted to slay the outsider in return, only to be caught off-guard by the young shinobi's use of his Kekkei Genkai-- Dark Release. Demonstrating survival skills and the urge to kill, Yun earned his place as a member as well as receiving Kyofuga, an oddity in itself for taking the form of a large scythe, as his sword. It is with this sword that he earned his moniker The Law of the Hidden Mist for the way he tortured and maimed his victims.

Yun's prowessas as a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist would cause his name to become feared throughout the battlefield as he is known to be merciless to any of those that he comes across. Yun is known to usually take on jobs involving assassinations or kidnappings as he enjoys the thrill involved with such missions and will often go out of his way to torture opponents into wanting to commit suicide. His exploits and mannerisms have caused those to see him in battle to give him the title "Walking Funeral" as he often leaves nothing but a trail of dead bodies in his wake wherever he goes.



Yun's General Appearance

Yun looks like a young man in his late-teens. He has light yellow green-colored eyes and long white hair with a few braids that is comparable to that of a fresh blanket of snow. His hair has long bangs that bellow around his face and shoots forth from all angles, but usually hangs far enough over his face to obscure his eyes from those around him. Yun's body is almost completely covered with scars from the wounds that he received while he was intruding into Kirigakure and killing shinobi as well as the large scar across his face that he received from leader of Getsugakure, when he tried to usurp the power there for himself. It is there that he trained and adapted to being capable fighting many powerful opponents at once, keeping up his skills from before he betrayed his village.

Upon joining the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Yun's health has improved after being nourished again and he now possesses fair skin that is somewhat peach yet still very light in tone. His standard attire usually consist of something with dark colors and professional in appearance. He often wears a style of clothings that combines the appearance of mayor with that of a funeral director, and a priest. Dressing in all black he wears a long coat, long, black top hat that droops down, he wears a long, grey scarf across his chest, with it knotted by his hips and some jewelry such as several piercing in his ears.


Yun has an extremely violent nature, as he gets excited over the idea of slicing through the body of a civilian and shinobi alike. Since he believes his own sword is the strongest, Yun never hesitates to attack those who disagree with him on that, be it ally or enemy. He is sadistic, cruel, and would kill with a smile plastered across his face. Showing no sympathy towards his enemies and killing without mercy, he had been involved in the assassination of many Konahagakure, as well as shinobi from Getsugakure in very grotesque ways thus earning himself the title The Artist of Blood. He seems to take great pride of this title bestowed upon him, as he uses it to make his own prescence known. Upon receiving this title, this led to him becoming more hostile than he already was towards young shinobi.

Yun also appears to value his pride as one of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist; as he cuts down anyone who tries to talk badly about them. However his streak of fighting has made him overly arrogant and hhe doesn't seem to take losing lightly.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kekkei GenkaiEdit

The Dark Release is the Kekkei Genkai that Yun possesses. Through the Dark Release, Yun is essentially immune to Ninjutsu based attacks. By utilizing, Dark Release: Inhaling Maw he is capable of stopping any attack thrown against him by absorbing both the energy that makes it up. This can be used as a weapon in its own right allowing Yun to directly absorb the chakra from a person, killing them when their chakra is depleted completely.

In addition to allowing him to absorb techniques and chakra Yun can use the Inhaling Maw to deconstruct an opponent's jutsu, if he understand how it is made before he absorb it. He can also release the absorbed chakra with the use of Dark Release: Judgment, allowing him to decimate his opponents. As with all nature releases the dark-natured chakra could be used to form its own techniques, which has become the backbone of Yun's weaponry. His primary dark release techniques are Genjutsu, showing his mastery over another field of the ninja arts, Yun infuses his dark-natured chakra with Yin chakra to create powerful genjutsu with devastating effects. The Dark Release served as the source for his Summoning Technique: Final Farewell.

Summoning TechniqueEdit

Forlorn Army

Summoning Technique: Forlorn Army

Yun's summoning prowess is something to be feared as he is highly adept in performing the jutsu without so much as a moment's notice. Nearly all of Yun's jutsu revolve around summoning various skeletal objects, including Kyofuga itself. He has been known to summon various apparitions or 'zombies' from the ground in order to do battle with the opponent, giving him the appearance of a true grim reaper. Yun has even made a pact with a group of various skeleton-like creatures including Kotsuzui and even the boss skeleton Sekizui Dāju, giving up something 'precious' in return. He can often be seen riding on Kotsuzui much like how Hanzō rode atop of Ibuse.



Yun with Kyofuga

Yun's main style of combat is through utilizing his skill in swordplay. Despite his above average level of strength,he relies mainly on technique in order to fend off his opponent in battles. However, his innate talent with the sword allows him to be able to weild nearly any bladed weapon with incredible proficiency. Yun's own personal style of swordsmanship in battle revolves around taking a defensive stance and to perfectly time his attacks in order to counter and deflect an opponent's attack when they make a move. Yun relies on his battle instincts and his ability to read the opponent's muscles in order to know how they will attack and from where. When utilizing this style, he typically holds the blade over his head and uses downward swings and wide arcs in order to attack the opponent. The derived techniques are best used on a singular opponent, but the standard attacks work suffieciently on a large group of enemies as well due to the large range each attack possesses. Yun developed this style in order to stay away from the simple tactics used in battle and to give himself an edge over her opponents.

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